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Ace Payroll News

Tuesday 17th July Moving Computers How to transfer Ace to another computer more..
Monday 16th July Extra Pays Extra Pays are lump sum payments made to an employee and include bonuses, commissions, backpay, retiring or redundancy payments. more..
Friday 13th July Adding A New Allowance or Deduction Ace Payroll handles an almost unlimited number of allowances and deductions. more..
Thursday 12th July IRD number On Payslips How to show IRD numbers on payslips more..
Wednesday 11th July Delete Incorrect Payment Ace Payroll includes a feature that allows you to delete, and then if necessary undelete, any filed transactions. more..
Tuesday 10th July Public Holiday Taken This tutorial shows you how to pay a public holiday for an employee who did not work - but would have worked had the day not been a public holiday. more..
Monday 9th July Recording Hours Worked Each Day Accurately record the hours worked each day by your employees more..
Friday 6th July Bereavement Leave Overview on Bereavement Leave more..
Thursday 5th July Understanding Termination Accruals I have an employee that is about to leave. When I looked at the Leave Owing report, it showed the employee is owed a certain number of days. When I go into Termination Pay, it appears the number of days is different. more..
Wednesday 4th July Tax Bills & Refunds My employee received a tax bill for the last financial year. I know I have them on the right tax code and am sure Ace Payroll is right. Is it possible to do everything right each pay, but still have a tax bill or tax refund at the end of the year? more..
Tuesday 3rd July ESCT Tax Rates Employer KiwiSaver contributions are taxed at the top employee marginal tax rate, based on the estimated employee annual earnings. more..
Monday 2nd July Payslip Data Options Use this option to choose what you are wanting to show on the payslips for employees. more..
Friday 29th June Internet Backup Internet Backup automatically backs up your data files to the Ace Payroll secure data centre each pay, if you are on a support contract more..
Thursday 28th June Jury Service There is no legal obligation to pay an employee for time on jury service. However, some employers see this as part of their social or community obligations more..
Wednesday 27th June Running Ace from a memory stick Because of the way Ace Payroll has been developed it can be run directly from a memory stick more..
Tuesday 26th June Total Remuneration Salary Total Remuneration is when an agreed salary package that includes the value of the KiwiSaver Employer contribution and any associated taxes. more..
Monday 25th June Recording Hours Worked Each Day Accurately record the hours worked each day by your employees more..
Friday 22nd June Payslip Data Options See how to add additional information to your payslips such as leave. more..
Thursday 21st June Casual Employee Leave Setup Casual employees are employees that do not work on a regular basis. Follow this tutorial on how to setup their leave to be paid as they go. more..
Wednesday 20th June One Off Payment The One Off Payment routine is used for paying amounts that fall outside of the regular pay run. more..
Tuesday 19th June Cashing Up Holiday Pay From 1st April 2011 it is legal for an employee to cash up to one weeks annual leave each year and take the money rather than a holiday. more..
Monday 18th June Child Support Variation Codes A child support variation code is used if you regularly deduct child support from an employee's wages, but the amount deducted in a certain pay period is different from the usual deduction. more..
Friday 15th June Transferring Ace To A New Computer Follow this tutorial if you are wanting to move to a new computer more..
Thursday 14th June IRFiling to IRD Follow this tutorial to send your IRD returns to the IRD each month more..