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Ace Payroll News

Monday 3rd October Employment Relations Authority. Vintage Farm Trust has been ordered to pay at least $87,000 for employment breaches including paying workers below the minimum wage. more..
Friday 30th September Annual Holiday Payments. Payment for Annual Holidays is covered by Section 21 to Section 28 of the Holidays Act 2003 more..
Thursday 29th September Reducing Balance Deductions A reducing balance deduction automatically ceases once a set amount has been deducted. They are especially useful when a third party asks an employer to deduct a certain amount from employee wages over a period of time. more..
Wednesday 28th September Recording Hours Worked Each Day Ace Payroll has the ability to record the hours an Employee works on that specific day. more..
Tuesday 27th September Extra Pays Extra Pays are lump sum payments made to an employee and include bonuses, commissions, backpay, retiring or redundancy payments. more..
Monday 26th September Daylight Saving Remember to turn your clocks forward 1 hour this sunday. This tutorial clarifies the payroll situation for any employee working when the time changes. more..
Friday 23rd September Payroll News 'Defects' delay delivery of police payroll system to next year more..
Thursday 22nd September Amalgamation of Electronic Monthly Schedules You cannot lodge more than one electronic monthly schedule with the IRD each month, more..
Wednesday 21st September Voluntary Student Loan Repayments Employees can pay more into their student loan to pay it off quicker. more..
Tuesday 20th September Jury Service There is no legal obligation to pay an employee for time on jury service. more..
Monday 19th September Installing Ace Payroll Without A CD Ace Payroll is easily installed on a computer without needing a CD. more..
Friday 16th September Changing Frequencies This document explains how to change all employee pay frequencies from say weekly to fortnightly. more..
Thursday 15th September WINZ deduction Sometimes, WINZ writes to an employer telling them to deduct money from an employee and pay it to them. more..
Wednesday 14th September Internet Banking Ace Payroll interfaces with all New Zealand banking systems. more..
Tuesday 13th September Internet Backup Internet Backup automatically backs up your data files to the Ace Payroll secure data centre each pay. more..
Monday 12th September Period & Payment Dates This article describes the differences between using period end and actual payment dates in Ace Payroll. more..
Friday 9th September Using The F1 Help Manual The F1 Help Manual contains hundreds of pages of written documentation. more..
Thursday 8th September Deleting Transactions Ace Payroll includes a feature that allows you to delete, and then if necessary undelete, any filed transactions. more..
Wednesday 7th September Backing Up To Memory Stick Backups should be made each payrun. Follow this Tutorial on how to backup. more..
Tuesday 6th September Employment Relations Authority A woman worked at a cafe for four months, but was only paid $92 for her 275 hours of work more..
Monday 5th September Paying Contractors Follow this tutorial when paying contractors. more..
Friday 2nd September Employment Relations Authority Four early childcare teachers have successfully argued that not stating an official start date for a 90-day trial period in an employment agreement voided the entire trial. more..
Thursday 1st September Pay Rate Change Mid Period There are times you need to pay an employee two different rates for the same period more..
Wednesday 31st August Employment Relations Authority Marlborough labour contractor calls for harsher penalties for 'dodgy contractors' breaching employment regulations. more..