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Ace Payroll News

Tuesday 24th October Public Holiday WOrked Use this method for an employee who works at any time on a public holiday more..
Friday 20th October Employment Relations Company to pay $6000 for poor employment record more..
Thursday 19th October Payslip Data Options Ace Payroll has the ability to show employee information on payslips including holiday and sick leave owing and YTD totals more..
Wednesday 18th October Understanding Termination Accruals When an employee terminates, the current year entitlement to days is eliminated. It is replaced by 8% of the gross earned from the last anniversary date. more..
Tuesday 17th October Networking Ace Payroll The standard version of Ace Payroll can be networked - there is no additional software needed, nor additional licenses to buy more..
Monday 16th October Employment Relations Canterbury vet awarded $23,000 for unjustified dismissal more..
Friday 13th October Child Support Variation Codes A child support variation code is used if you regularly deduct child support from an employee's wages. more..
Thursday 12th October KiwiSaver Overview More information about Kiwisaver more..
Wednesday 11th October IRD number On Payslips How to show IRD numbers on payslips more..
Tuesday 10th October Employment Relations Woman who did not reveal theft charge to new boss awarded $7000 more..
Monday 9th October Voluntary Student Loan Repayments Follow this tutorial on how to setup Student Loan repayments if your employee is wanting to pay it off quicker more..
Thursday 5th October Earnings Certificate Earnings Certificates provide your employees with a record of their earnings, tax payments and deductions for the financial year selected. more..
Wednesday 4th October Payroll Giving Payroll Giving is a mechanism that allows staff to make charitable donations on a regular basis, and receive an immediate one third tax credit for the donation made. more..
Tuesday 3rd October Reducing Balance Deduction A reducing balance deduction automatically ceases once a set amount has been deducted. more..
Monday 2nd October IR File Amalgamation You cannot lodge more than one electronic monthly schedule with the IRD each month, so if you run an executive payroll separate from your main payroll you have problems. more..
Friday 29th September Transferring Ace To A New Computer Follow this tutorial if you are wanting to move to a new computer more..
Thursday 28th September IR File Made Simple Having Problems with IR Filing? This tutorial will give you a step by step guide on how to do this. more..
Wednesday 27th September Adding A New Allowance Ace Payroll handles an almost unlimited number of allowances and deductions. more..
Tuesday 26th September Paying Contractors Contractor Rules And How To Setup. more..
Monday 25th September Daylight Saving Remember to turn your clocks forward one hour this sunday. This tutorial clarifies the payroll situation for any employee working whent he time changes. more..
Friday 22nd September Ace Payroll Pricing No matter how many staff you employ, Ace Payroll costs $319 plus GST. more..
Thursday 21st September Extra Pays Extra Pays (or extra emoluments) are lump sum payments made to an employee and include bonuses, commissions, backpay, retiring or redundancy payments. more..
Wednesday 20th September Time Bank The time bank feature allows for the accumulation of hourly leave outside the legal requirements of the Holidays Act more..
Tuesday 19th September Changing All Employee Pay Frequencies This document explains how to change all employee pay frequencies from say weekly to fortnightly. more..