Contacting Ace Payroll

Sales Toll Free 0800 223 729
Contract Support 0800 223 729
Casual Support 0900 592 437
International 0064 4 586 9600
Ace Payroll
P O Box 30 948 Lower Hutt

Email Suggestions

In order to ensure your email is productive, please note the following

Existing Clients

  • Include your serial number in the email. If unsure of your serial number press the F5 key at any time while running the program.
  • Include a day time phone number and the name of your company. If the email is an order, please include your delivery address.
  • Note we only accept email support enquiries from clients with a support contract. If you have chosen casual support please call 0900 592 437.
  • If you are emailing a particular staff member, please ensure their name is in the subject of the message.

Prospective Clients

  • Include your phone number, name and company name.
  • Please include your postal address if you want a demo kit sent.
  • If you want a quote make sure you tell us how many staff you have approximately - we have discounts for the smaller business.
  • Let us know what payroll system you currently use - we have a cross upgrade offer.
  • Try and ask specific questions. "Please tell me more about your system" is difficult to answer. Browsing our website, reading the demonstration kit or installing a demonstration disk are the best ways to learn more about the system - email is best for answering specific questions.
  • We reply to well over 95% of emails received during business hours within 5 minutes.
  • We promise to reply to all emails within 24 hours Monday to Friday, public holidays excepted.