Software Design

Ace Payroll is an interactive and dynamic computer program.

Our vision when developing the product is a stressed and busy business person who leaves making up the wages and completing IRD forms until the very last moment.

The program is designed to require the absolute minimum of information to get started, pay wages and account to the IRD. In order to start paying wages all that MUST be entered is an employee's name and pay rate.

From there you can develop and utilise the advanced tools included in Ace Payroll at your convenience.

The program offers features more sophisticated than those contained in most of the more expensive payroll programs but from the starting point of simplicity and ease of use.

You learn the additional features from using the program which can then be utilised for direct credit schedules sent by disk or modem, automatic deduction of child support and student loans, and printing of computer generated IR12 forms.

Ace Payroll is used by companies with anywhere from 2 to 1500 employees.

Ace Payroll has its greatest following in businesses employing between 5 and 50 staff. We are proud of this fact, as these businesses make up the majority of New Zealand's employers. In recent years many larger businesses have switched to Ace Payroll recognising its ability to process wages effectively for a company of any size.

We have a very large number of users in the agricultural sector. These users generally employ hundreds of casual staff, and find our package the most efficient in preparing wages for a large number of people.

Our users do not change the way they pay their wages to suit our product. The flexibility that Ace Payroll offers means that they can do things their way.

The program is designed with business persons in mind rather than computer literate office staff.

The majority of our users have no interest in computers and merely require a product that simply and reliably handles their wage records. Ace Payroll is designed for these people.

Every feature that has ever been incorporated into Ace Payroll has been included at the request of a user. Upgrade suggestions and requests determine the direction in which Ace Payroll moves - we encourage, support and listen to them.

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Help System
A well written help manual and logical help messages on every screen more..
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For 6 months after purchase Ace Payroll provides FREE telephone support and training more..
Ace Payroll Stationery
Ace Payroll supplies a range of payslips to be used with the software. Alternatively use plain paper, your own company letterhead, or email payslips more..
Software Design
Ace Payroll is used by companies with anywhere from 2 to 1500 employees more..
Ace Payroll and Holiday Pay
Ace Payroll has the most comprehensive and dynamic systems for leave recording available on the New Zealand market more..
Ace Payroll Data Security
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IRD Approved Forms
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