Casual Employee Setup

Casual employees are employees that do not work on a regular basis.

The casual employee features in Ace Payroll are designed so you can keep a permanent record of these employees, without having them clutter your regular payroll.

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From the Employee Maintenance Screen set the employee frequency to Casual.


When calculating your regular payroll call up the casual employee if required by clicking the icon, then selecting the casual employee from the list shown.

  • Once selected, casual employees are processed along with all other regular employees for the current pay frequency.
  • After the regular payroll is filed, they revert back to casual.

I have a number of casual employees on my payroll, but when I go to do my weekly wages, they are not there. How do I pay them?

A casual employee is not part of any one pay frequency. Therefore, you can pay them under any pay frequency, but they do not automatically appear under any frequency.

To select a casual pay while in Calculate Pays, click on the Casual Employees button on the left hand side of the screen. - this is the button with a picture of a stopwatch on it. A list of your casuals will appear for you to select from. The employee you choose will stay on the pay until you file it, but they will not come up automatically in subsequent weeks.

Alternatively, if you do want them coming up automatically each week, change their pay frequency from Casual to whatever is appropriate.

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