F6 - Send Queued Emails

  • Whenever an emailed payslip is produced for either a regular pay, or a one off payment, the email is added to the queue of emails to be sent.
  • The screen documented here is brought up automatically after producing a batch of regular payslips, if that batch produced one or more payslips that are emailed.
  • The screen can also be brought up at any time whilst running Ace Payroll by pressing the F6 key.

The above screen shows all emails that are queued for sending.

Employer's Description

  • This field provides a brief description of the queued email, from the employer's perspective.
  • Clicking the field shows the actual email to be sent.


  • The status field reflects the status of each individual email, and defaults to unsent.
  • As each email is sent after clicking the Send button, the status changes first to sending and then to either sent or ERROR .
  • Click the status field to delete an unsent email. Clicking the status field of a deleted email changes the status back to unsent.
  • When all emails have been sent, all items on the list are automatically removed.
  • Click the Delete button to remove from the list all items marked for deletion, if these are to be removed from the list prior to sending all other unsent emails. Items marked for deletion are not sent, and are automatically removed from the list when all other emails are sent.


  • If after clicking the Send button an email cannot be sent, the status changes to ERROR.
  • Clicking the Send button a second or subsequent time changes the status of all emails with an ERROR status back to unsent, and then tries to send those emails again.
  • If all emails have an error after clicking Send then chances are there is a problem with your connection to the internet itself. Ensure you are logged in, and can send and receive emails from Outlook Express, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, or whichever email system you usually use.
  • If some emails are successfully sent, but some are not, then chances are the recipients email address is not valid.

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