Backing Up To Memory Stick

  • A memory stick is a device that plugs into a USB port on your computer and allows you to easily back up data.
  • Because of their portability, many clients are now choosing to back up this way.
  • There are only two things you need to know prior to setting Ace Payroll to back up to your memory stick.
  • Find out which drive letter is allocated to the memory stick.
  • On most computers, when you insert the memory stick a screen appears that shows you the drive letter - commonly E:\ or F:\
  • If this screen doesn't appear, going into My Computer on your desktop will also show you what drive letter your memory stick is, as shown below.
  • Once you know this, go to Backup Data Files in Ace Payroll.
  • Click Setup then use the drive selector to choose the drive letter your memory stick is assigned to.
  • Ace Payroll remembers this setting and defaults to backing up to your memory stick from now on.

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