Payments To Non-Standard Accounts

  • Most employees have standard bank account numbers which are entered directly into the payroll. Some however may want their pay direct credited to a PSIS account or Credit Card.
  • There is a slightly different method required to make these payments.
  • For these types of payments the account number you enter is a holding account for the organisation, and the Particulars, Code and Reference conveys the Credit Card or PSIS Account to credit.

First enter the bank account number of the organisation you are paying from the table below.


Then enter your employee information in the Partculars, Code and Reference fields.



Bank Account: 02 0536 0049099 02
Particulars: PSIS Account Number
Reference: PSIS Account Name

American Express

Bank Account: 03 0252 0481162 00
Particulars, Code & Reference: Card No. & Name must be supplied

ANZ Visa

Bank Account: 01 0126 0995546 00
Particulars: First 12 digits of Credit Card Number
Code: Remainder of Credit Card Number

ASB Visa / Mastercard

Bank Account: 12 3116 0987656 20
Code: First 12 digits of Credit Card Number
Reference: Remainder of Credit Card Number
Particulars: Person's Name

BNZ Visa / Mastercard

Bank Account: 02 0987 0001203 02
Particulars: Name
Code: First 12 digits of Credit Card Number
Reference: Remainder of Credit Card Number

Westpac Visa / Mastercard

Bank Account: 03 0990 0998907 82
Particulars: First 8 digits of Card Number
Code: Remainder of Card Number
Reference: Surname and Initials


Bank Account: 38 9300 0997058 00
Particulars: First 12 digits of Card Number
Code: Remaining 4 digits of Card Number
Reference: Card holder's name

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