One Off Payments

The One Off Payment routine is used for paying amounts that fall outside of the regular pay run. Common uses for the one off payment routine are

  • Immediate termination pays.
  • Bonus Payments.
  • Holiday Pay.
  • Paying casual employees on the day they actually work.
  • Loading year to date totals for existing employees.

Access one off payments from the employee menu on the front screen.

Select the employee, and the transaction date.


Enter the amounts required the same as with a regular pay run.


Print a payslip and create a direct credit batch if required, file and you are done.

Date Entry

Suggestions for selecting a date are

  • If you are paying holiday, termination or bonus pay then today's date is probably appropriate.
  • If adjusting an incorrectly filed pay then you might want to set the date to the same date as the incorrectly filed date.

Remember that when filed the one off payment will be added to the transactions for the month relating to the date you enter.

This means that if you have already paid your PAYE for that month then it would be best to enter today's date otherwise your reconciliation will not balance at the end of the year and you may be liable for penalty tax.


Why isn't the One Off Payment I filed appearing on the Management Report?

A one off payment is not part of any particular batch of wages. It is an individual payment.

As such, it does not appear on the Management Report.

The Management Report is only a report of the current batch of wages you are preparing.

A One Off Payment is not meant to appear on the Management Report.


Am I able to create a direct credit batch for a One Off Payment?

Yes. When in the One Off Payment screen, click Direct Credit to create a file for the bank.

You then import this file in the normal way into your bank's website - ensure you note or remember the created file name.


Where does the One Off Payment go once I file it?

One Off Payments do not appear on the Management Report.

However, they appear on all the Year To Date reports.

They are included in your PAYE, and are shown on the Employee YTD report, One Off Report, Hours Worked Report etc.

The best report to look at to see a One Off Payment is the One Off Report.

This report shows an itemised breakdown on your wages for any period of time. Use the One Off Report to easily view any One Off Payments you have entered.

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Alphabetical Index
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Ace Payroll FAQ Contents
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