Internet Backup

Internet Backup automatically backs up your data files to the Ace Payroll secure data centre each pay. It assists with

  • Restoring your data should you ever have your computer stolen or it dies on you.
  • Allows you to easily share your data files between a work and home computer.
  • Ensures you always have a backup of your data at a location other than your own.
  • Contingency planning for events such as earthquakes or other natural disasters.

Setting Up Internet Backup

  • To access Internet Backup, select Utilities / Ace Payroll Online / Internet Backup


  • From this screen, place a tick next to Auto Backup. This means whenever you file a regular pay in Ace Payroll, a backup is created and uploaded to the Ace Payroll Secure Data Centre.
  • From this screen you can enter up to 3 email addresses. This results in a Confirmation Email being sent to these addresses when a backup is received by the data centre.
  • Clicking Backup Now makes an immediate backup, perhaps to test your internet connection.

Restoring An Internet Backup

  • To restore an Internet Backup click the Restore button on the above screen.


  • A report shows the archives available to restore.
  • Carefully read the description of each archive, and when happy place a tick by the required archive.
  • Click the Restore Now link to proceed - Ace Payroll guides you through the restore process.

Is my data encrypted when using the Internet Backup?

  • Yes, all data is encrypted using proprietry encryption prior to transmission over the Internet, and is stored at the Ace Payroll Data Centre in the encrypted state.
  • At no stage is plain text transmitted across the Internet.

What are the technical specifications for using the Internet Backup?

Over 99% of clients utilise the Internet Backup without changing their computer settings.

Clients with strongly secured systems that limit external connections may have difficulty.

To utilise Internet Backup the client Ace Payroll software must be allowed to

  1. access the Ace Payroll website at
  2. have http access to a floating New Zealand ip address.
  3. have ftp access to a floating New Zealand ip address.

Our Ace Payroll is hosted in the cloud by an external provider. I am having trouble using the Internet Backup due to security issues. What do I do?

The Internet Backup routine is an optional, free service. It is written for clients that have Ace Payroll on their own computer, and have either no backup routine or are not making reliable backups.

By choosing a reputable external cloud provider, you have ensured your data is already being backed up and stored in a reliable and professional way.

Therefore, there is no need to use our internet backup - due to your cloud provider, you have already achieved your goal of backing up to a secondary location.

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