Running Ace Payroll From A Memory Stick

  • Because of the way Ace Payroll has been developed it can be run directly from a memory stick.
  • This can be useful if you are travelling or want to work from a number of different computers.
  • The tutorial shows how to set up a memory stick to run Ace Payroll. The tutorial assumes you already have Ace Payroll installed on a computer and shows how to migrate to a memory stick.

The first step is copying Ace Payroll to your memory stick.

Plug your memory stick into the computer and then go to My Computer or Windows Explorer .

Your Ace Payroll folder is normally called WINPAY and will be on your hard drive, normally called C:\

As shown below, you need to select the C:\WINPAY folder and send it to your memory stick.

  • Having done the above, safely remove the memory stick in the normal manner.
  • It now has Ace Payroll on it.

When you are at the computer you want to use to process the payroll, insert the memory stick.

You need to find out the memory stick drive letter such as E:\, F:\, G:\ etc.

Now click Start then Run to run Ace Payroll.

You need to tell the computer where to access the Ace Payroll program and data.

Assuming the memory stick is G:\ you would type in G:\WINPAY\PAY.EXE G:\WINPAY as shown below.


Click the OK button and Ace Payroll now runs.

All data entered is saved onto the memory stick - nothing is ever saved to the computer being used.


  • These instructions cover how to run Ace Payroll when you have a single company.
  • With multiple companies the instructions are slightly different as you need to point to the folder containing each companies data.
  • Feel free to call 0800 223 729 or 0800 ACEPAY and we are happy to get you started if uncertain.

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