Front Screen Resizing & Positioning

The positioning, size, colour and fonts of the Ace Payroll front screen are all user definable.

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Front Screen Resizing & Positioning
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Fully Maximised

Shown on the right is the Ace Payroll front screen fully maximized.

This looks great on all monitors up to 1024 x 768.

The image on the right is shown from a wide screen monitor, and probably looks a bit vacant.

Click the middle windows system button to restore the front screen to a smaller size.


Standard Restore

Shown right is the front screen after having clicked the restore button.

The font has also been set to a very large font.

This may be easy on the eye to many users.


Dragged Size

This image shows the front screen with the standard font, dragged to reduce size.

It is resized using the standard Windows method of holding the mouse over the edges or a corner, then dragging with the left mouse button pressed.



The font in this image is smaller still.

The size has been reduced still further by dragging, then repositioned on the desktop by dragging the caption at the top.


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