Work and Income - WINZ - Deductions

  • Sometimes, WINZ writes to an employer telling them to deduct money from an employee and pay it to them, sometimes weekly and sometimes on a monthly basis.
  • WINZ tells the employer the total amount to be paid, the amount per pay period, and the date the deductions must begin.
  • WINZ specifies a bank account.
  • One thing they don't always specify - but that is important - is the amount does not get paid to the IRD with your PAYE.
  • WINZ deductions must be paid directly to WINZ.

The first step is to ensure there is a deduction set up called WINZ Deduction.

It is best to leave the Calculation Method as Fixed Unit Value $1.000 so it can be used in future situations.

If unsure about setting up a new deduction see Allowance & Deduction Setup


The next step is linking the employee to the WINZ deduction.

Enter in the Usual Units field the amount WINZ has asked you to deduct each pay.

If unsure of the process see Allowances & Deductions - Employee Linking


If WINZ has specified a total amount that must be paid, set it up as a reducing balance deduction.

If unsure of the process see Reducing Balance Deductions.

After having entered the total amount that must be paid, Ace Payroll deducts the amount each pay period, and automatically stops when the balance is repaid.


The deduction can be linked to a bank account so it is paid to WINZ automatically.

If unsure of the process see Linking Deductions to Direct Credits.

When linking the deduction ensure the reference details given to you by WINZ are entered.

This ensures the deduction is correctly allocated at the WINZ end.

  • You are now done.
  • Ace Payroll makes the deduction each period, and pays it to WINZ each time you do your direct credits, including the correct reference details.
  • The deduction is automatically stopped once the total amount is paid.

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