ESCT Tax Rates

  • Employer KiwiSaver contributions are taxed at the top employee marginal tax rate, based on the estimated employee annual earnings.
  • The annual estimation and tax rate selection is automatically handled by Ace Payroll, but can be overwritten as shown below.

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If you prefer to select your own tax rate then from Modify Employee Details select the KiwiSaver tab, then click over the rate required.



  • Having the tax rate dynamically estimated by Ace Payroll means that if annual earnings change, the tax rate is automatically adjusted.
  • If employee annual earnings are around the $57,600 threshold between the 17.5% and 30% rates, some employers may wish to "lock in" the rate of their choice.
  • If setting your own rate, note that the annual earnings estimate must include employer kiwisaver contributions.

Rate Band Estimation

Employed Full Year

If the employee has been employed for all of the tax year immediately before the tax year in which the superannuation is paid, the rate band is the total salary and wages paid in the previous tax year, including the gross amount of the employer KiwiSaver contribution before ESCT is deducted.

Newer Employees

For employees that have not been employed for all of the previous financial year, the threshold is the total amount of salary and wages, inclusing he gross amount of employer KiwiSaver contributions, that the employer estimates will be paid in the current year.


I can't see how Ace Payroll estimates the rate band. Can you explain it?

  • For employees that were employed for the full previous financial year, Ace Payroll uses the full year figures.
  • For newer employees Ace Payroll uses an average of the pay history available.
  • For a brand new employee, Ace Payroll uses the current pay for estimation purposes.

There are only four rate bands, with the vast majority of employees falling within the very wide 17.5% band - annual earnings between $16,800 and $57,600 a year.

A specific rate band is easily "locked in" if required as shown above.

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