Apple Mac - Moving from Windows

  • Moving Ace Payroll to an Apple Mac is not difficult. It is even easier if you follow these steps.
  • If you ask our helpdesk to assist, they will guide you through these steps, using these instructions.
  • Our phone numbers for helpdesk assistance are 0800 223 729 if you are on a support plan or 0900 592 437 if not.

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Apple Mac - Moving from Windows
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Before you begin

  • Ensure you have backup data from your old computer.
  • The easiest way ( which this document will focus on ) is by making an Internet Backup from your old computer before you start.
  • See Internet Backup for more information if required.
  • Alternatively see Backing Up To A Memory Stick.

Download Ace Payroll to your Apple Mac


Find and run Ace Payroll

  • The next step is to either go into Launchpad or Finder to locate and start Ace Payroll.
  • The following screenshot shows you how to get into Launchpad or Finder , and the screens that then appear.
  • Click into it and you should end up on the main screen of Ace Payroll.

Register Ace Payroll

  • Once the above download is complete you will be at the front Ace Payroll screen running from your new computer.
  • At this point call our helpful team on 0800 223 729 if you are on a support plan or 0900 592 437 if you are not on a support plan.
  • Our helpdesk guides you through the screens below, registering Ace Payroll using your existing registration details.

Restoring your data backup

With the above completed a registered Ace Payroll is running on your new computer. Next step is restoring the data.

If you have previously used the Internet Backup feature, follow the Restoring An Internet Backup instructions to restore your most recent backup from the Ace Payroll secure data center.


The other option is to follow our Backing Up To Memory Stick documentation to backup from your old computer to a memory stick.

To restore from a memory stick go to Utilities then Restore From Backup and follow the prompts. Make sure you point Ace Payroll to the drive letter of your memory stick.


Add Ace Payroll to your dock

  • For easy access most clients want to add Ace Payroll to the dock.
  • Do this by holding down and clicking onto the Ace Payroll dock icon.
  • Go to Options then select Keep In Dock

You have now installed Ace Payroll onto your Apple Mac.

  • It is registered.
  • It contains your most recent data.
  • It is on your dock to simplify access.

You are done - enjoy using Ace Payroll on your Apple Mac computer.

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