Ace Payroll FAQ Contents

Getting Started
image entering registration code
image f1 help manual
image function keys
image regular payroll procedure
image cannot enter password
image forgotten password
Allowances & Deductions
image reconciling linked deductions
image reducing balance
image direct crediting
image adding
image group link
image WINZ deduction
image IRD arrears
image court fines
image employee linking
Casual Employees
image difference from part time
image processing of
image deduct withholding tax then add gst
Data File Management
image installing on another computer
image installing without a CD
image cloud provider
image firewall settings
image data encryption
image disaster recovery
image share data work & home
image offsite backup
image direct credit emergency
image transaction deletion
image running from memory stick
image backing up to server
image timing of backup
image multiple frequency backup
image multiple companies
image backing up to memory stick
Direct Credits
image new employee missing
image crediting multiple accounts
image to credit cards
image emergency backup
image reconcile to nett pay
image deductions
image paying total nett
image reserving cash
image criteria selection dialog
Electronic Banking
image error after changing computers
image setting up
image entry of batch numbers
image bnz pc banking employers suffix wrong
image deskbank itemised transactions
Electronic Filing & Monthly Schedules
image exclusions from IR348
image difference between ir348 and ir349
image totals different from other reports
image non taxable allowances
image handling of acc payments
image new employee name required
image employees with no payments
image printed ir348 returned by ird
image correcting myIR errors
image error - invalid header
image myIR amalgamation
image myIR from start to finish
image file exists in workspace
image myIR monthly procedure
image registering for myIR
image contact details entry
image Setting Up For myIR
Employee Maintenance
image tax code entry
image resuming an employee
image unusual paye
image voluntary student loan
image undelete employee
image annual salary on payslip
image accessing employee maintenance
image mobile or emergency contact
image searching employee index
Holiday Entitlements
image refuses to take holidays
image pay out on 31st March
image not compulsory in advance
More Holiday Entitlements
image works 2 days a week
image balances on payslips
Holiday Pay
image holiday pay that attracts the extra pay tax rate
image termination 8% part year
image leave owing report
image taxing of holiday pay
image casual holiday each pay
image changing from 8% each pay
image understanding accruals
image cashing up
image public holiday calendar
image balances on payslips
image irregular work pattern
image no current usual daily rate
image daily rate calculation
Holidays Act 2003
image easter days not transferred
image xmas new year
image xmas new year
image medical certificates
image cash up holidays
image bereavement single day
image no bereavement in first 6 months
image alternative days sold
image alternative holiday payment
image fractional lieu days
image public holiday night shift
image alternative holidays
image irregular partial days
image leave calendar
image 52 week history not needed
image provincial anniversary default
image leave profile
Installation & Upgrades
image when to install upgrade
image installing on another computer
image installing without a CD
image on apple mac
image error after changing computers
image windows 8
image windows 7
image linux support
image linux server
image running under linux
image locating program folder
image on network
image employer contributions
image company defaults
image setting contribution rates
image overview
image deduction report
image employee settings
image new employees
image automatic enrolment
image esct on contributions
image contributions report
image holiday hardship
image ird holiday letter
image employee cannot demand holiday
image holiday rules
image scheme provider
image over 65 exempt
image cae codes exempt
image contractors
image under 18 exempt
image opt in is permanent
image how to opt in
image download ks10
image opt out time limit
image how to opt out
image opt out in blue
image opt out in red
image payslips year to date
image opted out reversals
image opted out refunds
Non Standard Payments
image extra pays
One Off Payments
image entering single payments
image immediate termination pays
image negative adjusting entries
Pay Calculation
image MYOB journal export setup
image immediate termination pays
More Pay Calculation
image rates changed during pay period
image pay rate setup
image recording hours worked
image overwriting paye
image overwriting extra pays tax
image retiring and redundancy payments
image bonus payments
image cash rounding logic
image cash rounding repayments
image cash rounding activation
image regular procedure
image checking prior period filed
image child support variation codes
image allowing alternative holiday
image file pays before entering finish date
Pay Frequencies
image default pay frequency
image changing all employee pay frequencies
image processing different pay frequencies
image bi monthly date calculation
image period end or actual pay date
image MYOB software journal posting
PAYE Returns
Payslips & Printing
image ordering payslips
image show employee ird number
image printing to PDF
image coin split on payslips
image data options ytd etc
image date description on payslips
image no payslip ever
Payslips - Emailed
image norton internet security
image microsoft exchange server
image mcafee virus scan
image forgot to send
image actual sending
image payslip report
image instead of printed
image employee address
image smtp address
image setting up
image security issues
image direct credits to total nett
image health questions
image sample questions
image entering registration code
image accountants & bureau
image hours worked report
image summary of cash, cheque, direct credits
image when filed
image earnings certificate
image one off report
Sick Leave
image first week acc
image balances on payslips
Tax Calculation
image tax changes 2017
image monthly tax tables
image tax rates are not wrong
image tax bills & refunds
image deduct withholding tax at 0%
image special student loan deductions
image deduct tax at percentage
image tax code entry
image esct handling
image taxing of holiday pay
image gst changes
image overwriting paye
image overwriting extra pays tax
image ird compliant software
image forms for terminated employee
Time Bank
image balances on payslips
image opening balances
image reporting
image usage
Wages Protection Act
Windows Environment
image windows has reported a gpf
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