IRD Returned IR348


The IRD has returned our printed IR348 Employers Monthly Schedule saying it is unsuitable. What is the problem?

If your printed IR348 Employers Monthly Schedule as produced by Ace Payroll is returned by the IRD as unsuitable, there are only three possible causes

  1. You have sent the IRD the wrong printout.
  2. You have sent the correct printout, but it is unreadable.
  3. The IRD has made a mistake.

Check you have sent the correct printout

Ace Payroll prints the IR348 in two different formats - as a standard Ace Payroll report, or alternatively in a format acceptable to the IRD.

The standard Ace Payroll report prints exactly as shown on screen, and is not acceptable to the IRD. You would use this printout for a file copy.

The format acceptable to the IRD contains graphics, is in landscape mode, and in the top left corner says 'Ace Payroll IRD Approved Schedule'.

Ensure you have the correct printout. It should look similar to the one shown below.


Your printout is unreadable

The IRD specifications require the printout to be made with a laser printer, on A4 paper, in landscape mode. Having said this, we have seen one perfect report printed with a dot matrix printer.

Check the quality of your printout, particularly for clarity. Does your printer need more toner?

The IRD has made a mistake


If your printout fulfills the above two requirements, it is acceptable to the IRD. If it has been rejected by them, then someone at the IRD has made a mistake.

Remember, the IRD employ a lot of staff, and occasionally even they make mistakes.

If you think your printout falls in this category, and you cannot sort it out with the IRD yourself, feel free to post us a copy with a covering note and we will take it up with the IRD on your behalf.

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