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I do weekly and fortnightly payrolls. When I do a backup, does it backup both of them?

The backup procedure in Ace Payroll copies all data files to the destination you select - usually a memory stick. There is no need to keep separate backups for your weekly and fortnightly wages.

We strongly recommend you use a sequence of four rotated memory sticks. This means you eliminate the risk of a faulty memory stick wrecking an otherwise perfect set of backup data.


Should I backup my data before or after I file my pays?

The timing of your backup is to a certain extent a matter of opinion.

The two most logical times to perform a backup are either immediately before or immediately after filing your regular pays.

Our opinion is that you should back up the data before filing, because it means that if something went wrong with the filing, for example a power cut half way through, you would be able to restore your data, then file again without entering any data.

Accordingly the only problem we see with taking a backup after you file is that if something went wrong during filing you would have to restore the previous weeks backup, then re-enter your current period payroll.

The most important issue with backups in not so much when you make them, but that you actually do make them.

Remember - we suggest you use a set of four rotated disks for backup to avoid the trap of backing up faulty data to what would otherwise be a perfectly good set of data.


What files do we need to backup to the file server?

Some clients like to regularly copy all their files to a central location, so there will then be an illusion of their being backed up automatically by the file server. The question we are often asked is which files need to be backed up.

The only Ace Payroll files that you ever need to back up are the *.DTA files.

Note that Ace Payroll offers a free Internet Backup Service which ensures additional copies of your data are always stored in our secure off site location.

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