Direct Credit Criteria

Every direct credit paid to an employee has an associated payment criteria.

These criteria are set from the employee maintenance direct credit screen. An example is shown below, with the criteria fields circled in yellow.


Clicking the criteria field of any bank account produces the Criteria Selection Dialog


The various payment criteria are fully documented in the dialog itself, as shown above.


How to reserve a fixed amount of cash for an employee, prior to direct credits being paid.

  • From the employee maintenance direct credit screen click Add. This adds a new bank account to the employee.
  • Leave the account number blank.
  • Select Cash from the criteria selection dialog. Another dialog is shown in which you enter the amount of cash to reserve.
  • Ensure the new bank account is first on the list, if necessary by clicking the move buttons. Remember that direct credit amounts are calculated based on their order shown.

What is the best way to direct credit all an employee's nett pay?

  • To direct credit all an employee's pay to a bank account set the criteria of the last or only account to BALANCE rather than entering the amount of the nett pay.
  • This way the direct credit is automatically updated if the nett pay changes through tax changes or pay rate adjustments.

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