Itemising Deskbank direct credits individually on bank statement


I use Ace Payroll to send wages to Deskbank, and rather than have one total for wages appear on the bank statement, I want a separate amount for each employee.

  • There is nothing you can do in Ace Payroll to get Deskbank to show the separate payments on your bank statement - the answer is found in Deskbank itself.
  • After creating the Bank File in Ace Payroll, go to Deskbank and begin your normal procedure.
  • Select Batch Control , then remove the tick from Aggregate.
  • This ensures each employee's amount shows individually on the bank statement, rather than as just a single total.


  • Unchecking Aggregate to show extra entries on your bank statement may result in extra bank fees being incurred.
  • For more help following this procedure call the Deskbank help desk on 0800 433 752.


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