Transaction Deletion


I have accidentally filed a pay for an employee and it is showing on my reports. How do I delete it?

Ace Payroll includes a feature that allows you to delete, and then if necessary undelete, any filed transactions.


From the front screen select Utilities then Delete Transaction.


From the report then shown, select the month, and locate the transaction to be deleted.


Simply double click a transaction to delete it, and double click it again to undelete it.


  • The report shows all transactions filed each month, in the order they were filed. Use the spin buttons to change months.
  • Transactions flagged as deleted are shown red.
  • To delete a transaction, merely double click the appropriate line. A message asks for confirmation, after which the transaction is flagged and shown in red.
  • To reinstate a deleted transaction, merely double click it and confirm the message.

Technical Considerations

It is important to realise this utility does not actually delete any data. All it does is flag the appropriate records, which are then suppressed from all reports. Accordingly a full audit trail is maintained.

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Transaction Deletion
Ace Payroll includes a feature that allows you to delete, and then if necessary undelete, any filed transactions more..
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