Employee Index Search Utility

The employee index is accessed at any time, from anywhere in Ace Payroll, by pressing the F2 key.

It can also be accessed from the front screen of Ace Payroll by selecting Employee then View Employee Index .

From an employee selection dialog, it is accessed by either pressing the Index button or the F2 key.


Pressing the circled Search key is not required - all this button does is tell you how to use the utility.

To search for an employee, simply enter the characters you are searching for while holding down the ALT key. After each character is entered, the list of employees is reduced to only show employee names that contain the selected characters.


The above screen shows the results after typing IM while holding down the ALT key. The list has been reduced to only show names containing 'IM', and the column heading advises you of this.

Use the Backspace key to remove the last character entered. For each character removed, the list increases to show the greater number of matches.

Pressing Esc during the search restores the index to all employees. Pressing Esc a second time exits the index without making a selection.

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