Finishing Date Entered Prior To Filing Payroll

  • If you had an employee leave a while ago, are sure you paid them, and they appear on your printed management report, but they do not appear on any of your other reports, chances are you entered a Finishing Date for the employee before filing their final pay. Ace Payroll does not file regular pays for terminated employees.
  • To correct the problem make a One Off Payment for the employee. You do not need to change the Finishing Date for the employee concerned - you can file One Off Payments for terminated employees.
  • When making the One Off Payment, take care with the date you enter for the transaction. If you have not yet paid your PAYE nor lodged an Employers Monthly Schedule for the period concerned, then enter the actual date of the transaction.
  • If you have already accounted to the IRD for the transaction, then date it in such a way that it appears in the next return you make to the IRD.
  • Incidentally, there is usually no need to enter a Finishing Date for an employee. Whenever you pay a final holiday pay, Ace Payroll automatically enters a finishing date for the employee when next filed.

The dialog shown below is called when entering a finishing date for an employee that has any amounts in the current pay fields, which avoids this problem in most cases.

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