GPF's - General Protection Faults

Windows reports a GPF when it senses a fault, but cannot find any reason for that fault.

A GPF can be caused by a fault with any of the following

  • Your computer hardware.
  • Your computer network.
  • The Windows operating system.
  • The Ace Payroll program or data files.
  • Any other program that has been run since your computer was turned on.

If a GPF is reported while running Ace Payroll, the first thing is to find whether the fault has been caused by Ace Payroll.

Do this by

  1. Closing down all currently running programs, including Ace Payroll.
  2. Shut down your computer, turn the power off, and leave for 10 seconds. You must turn the power off rather than simply reboot your machine as this is the only way to initialise the RAM.
  3. Turn on your machine, and run Ace Payroll.

If you can duplicate the GPF after following the above instructions, then the fault is within either Ace Payroll or the associated data files. If this is the case, send us a backup of your data files with a note of the steps we need to duplicate the problem. It will be rectified immediately.

If you cannot duplicate the fault then it was not caused by Ace Payroll.

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