Accountants and Payroll Bureau

If you are an accountant or payroll bureau you only need to buy one copy of Ace Payroll. You can at any time add on additional companies for a fee. You can find the price information from our website. There is no limit to how many companies you can run on Ace Payroll, provided they are all processed using the same computer.

If you are an accountant running wages for many clients, feel free to give us a call. We can usually offer accountants processing a lot of wages a special price. We love to have accountants using our software, so let us know your circumstances, and we can usually offer a better deal than any competitor.

Please note that our license does not allow you to use the same program at a number of different locations. In other words, if you have branches in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch you will need a different copy of Ace Payroll for each branch.

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