One Off Report

The One Off Report shows the gross, tax, student loan and nett pay together with total deductions and after tax extras paid to your employees.

It provides more detail than the summary report, but not the minute details that are available with some of the more specialised reports.

Employee Selection
Produce the report for all your employees, a selected employee, or a range of employees.

Date Range
Report over any date range you require.

Report for all departments or a single department.

Selecting Itemised shows totals for all employees are shown at the start of the report, followed by every single transaction for all employees chosen.

Totals Only just shows the totals for every selected employee.


To report on a prior periods payroll

Enter a date range for the period required.

  • To report on the filed regular pay, set the report from and report to fields to the same date. This produces a report of the wages filed on that day.
  • To report on the entire period, set the report from and report to dates accordingly. This then includes in the report any one off payments you may have made.

I have set up different departments in Ace Payroll and loaded my employees into them, but when I print a One Off Report, the employees don't show up in their new departments?

When you load departments against an employee, the One Off Report shows the amounts paid to each department from this pay onward.

The program has no way of knowing what amount was earnt in each department previously (you haven't entered that data).

Therefore, all wages earned before you loaded employees to departments will show up under "None" on the One Off Report. All wages done after you set up the departments will show up under the departments the employee worked for.

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