Ace Payroll Data Security


Ace Payroll contains features that make your payroll faster and more efficient. Other systems contain similar features.


Features are great - when everything is going well, it is good to have useful features. But what about when things go wrong?


This is one question you never find answered in detail, but is probably the most important question to answer when buying software.


Ace Payroll is written entirely in-house, in New Zealand. We develop the source code from scratch, and have complete control over it.


This means if you ever have a serious problem, the odds are very high we can help you fix it.


On this page are examples of how our focus on stability and data security helps our clients.

Manual and Automatic Backups

  • Like most programs, Ace Payroll has easy to use routines that allow you to backup and restore your data. We go one step further.
  • Each week, Ace Payroll automatically backs up your data, and rotates a set of four internal backups.
  • This means if you have a data problem, and your computer is still accessible, we can restore - over the phone - one of these four backups even if you don't have a backup available.
  • Full details about the automatic backup routine are documented elsewhere on this website. image

Internet Backup

  • The only problem with making backups to your computer is, what if you lose your whole computer or it dies?
  • Our Internet Backup routine overcomes this by making a backup to our secure data centre whenever you File Regular Pays in Ace Payroll.
  • This means there are always copies of your data stored offsite which is very useful in cases of theft, fire or computer meltdown.
  • Full details on how to activate and use this optional feature are available elsewhere on this website. image

Deleting Incorrectly Filed Pays

  • Let's say you pay twenty five staff, and you have filed your pays. Unfortunately, you filed the wrong amount for one of your staff. While this is not a technical problem involving damaged files, alas, the answer many companies would give you is identical - restore a backup.
  • With Ace Payroll, you can individually delete pays that you have filed by mistake. The deleted record is kept for audit purposes, but the pay is completely deleted from all payroll reports. Best of all, it is easy to do meaning you can do it yourself and have the problem fixed within minutes.
  • Full details about deleting incorrectly filed pays are documented elsewhere on this website. image

Direct Credit Emergency Backup

  • Most employers pay staff by direct credit. The easiest way to do this is to create a file in Ace Payroll which is then imported into your electronic banking software.
  • As you are paying the current weeks pays, it is important to create the direct credit file before you have filed your pays for the week.
  • Sometimes clients forget to do this, so we developed a routine that allows you to recreate the previous weeks direct credit file.
  • This means that even if you forget to do your direct credits before filing your pay, you can still go back and do them - again, all without restoring a backup of your data.
  • Full details about the direct credit emergency backup are documented elsewhere on this website. image

Data Corruption

  • If you have a major computing issue, say, a problem with your hard drive, it is possible data files are corrupted.
  • If you ask most software providers what to do, the answer is invariably to restore a backup.
  • In our experience, the reason clients ask what to do in the first place is because they don't have a backup to restore!
  • Ace Payroll contains routines that allow us to repair errors with all your data files.
  • Shown below is the utility we use to repair faults with the monthly paid data files.
  • Using this utility, we individually fix payment records if they are damaged.
  • If there is data corruption, it is likely just a single record of a single file is damaged.
  • We would rather fix the single corrupted record using this utility, than tell you to replace all your data with a backup you may not even have!

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Ace Payroll Data Security
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Alphabetical Index
The Ace Payroll alphabetical index provides links to all documentation more..
Ace Payroll FAQ Contents
All the most common Ace Payroll questions grouped by categories in a short table of key words more..