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Absentees dealing with
ACC on IR348 report - website
Accruals holiday pay
Ace Payroll 2017 changes - about us - contact details - download - download - help manual - IRD compliance - logo - ordering payslips - pricing - privacy policy - testimonials - understand concept - version history - what's new
Allowances add new - direct crediting - employee linking - group link - non tax on IR348 - reducing balance
Alternative Holidays allowing - balance on payslip - overview
Amalgamation myIR
American Express direct crediting
Anniversary Day default company setting - employee setting - southland
Annual closedown holiday pay
Annual Holiday 2007 changes - entitlements - payments
Annual Salary on payslip
Anti Virus avast - norton 360 - trend micro
Anzac Day handling of
Apple Mac direct credits and myIR - moving from windows - running ace payroll
Avast security issues
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Back Pay use extra pays
Backup automatic - multiple frequencies - retrieving direct credits - timing of - to file server - to internet - to memory stick
Batch Number for desktop banking
Bereavement Leave overview
Bi Monthly date calculation
BNZ PC Banking suffix wrong
Bonus use extra pays
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Calendar for leave entry - public holidays
Case Law contents
Cash reserving before direct credit
Cash Rounding activation of - after turned off - calculation logic
Cashing Up holiday pay
Casual Employees difference from part time - holiday each pay - setup
Charitable Donations making payment - payroll giving
Child Support entry of variation codes
Christmas public holiday 2016
Cloud backup
Coin Split activation of - on payslip
Company shown on IR348
Compliance payroll software
Compulsory Closedown holiday pay
Contacting Ace Payroll
Contractors difference from employee - no minimum wage - paying of - shown on IR348
Contributions Holiday kiwisaver
Court Fines deductions
Credit Cards direct crediting
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Daily Hours on payslip
Daily Rate for holiday pay
Data Files transferring between computers - undeleting employees
Daylight Saving dates of - Time Act 1974
Days Entry for leave
Deductions add new - court fines - direct crediting - employee linking - group link - IRD arrears - must have workers consent - reducing balance - WINZ - work & income
Default pay frequency
Deleting transactions - undeleting employee
Demonstration download instructions - download instructions
Dept of Courts deductions
Deskbank itemising transactions
Desktop Banking batch number entry - checklist - error after changing computers - retrieving emergency backup - setting up
Direct Credits batch number entry - criteria selection dialog - deductions - employee maintenance - missing from new employee - on apple mac - paying total nett - reconciling linked deductions - reserving cash - retrieving emergency backup - setting up - to credit cards - turn off rounding
Directors drawings on IR348
Disaster Recovery install without CD - internet backup
Dismissal abandonment of employment - absentees - driver lost license - failing to meet targets - importance of procedural fairness
Donations paying - payroll giving
Download program from website - program from website
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Earnings Certificate overview
Easter handling of
Easter Sunday retailers
Electronic Banking setup
Emailed Payslips overview - company setup - employee setup - error 10053 - isp settings - microsoft exchange server - norton internet security - regular payslip report - security - send queued - telecom changes
Emergency Backup of all data - of direct credits
Emergency Contact employee entry of
Employee Index searching
Employee Maintenance accessing - allowances - casual employees - deductions - direct credits - direct credits missing - leave profile - resuming - tax code entry - terminated before filing - undeleting - user definable field
Employer Monthly Schedule ACC payments - child support variation codes - employees not paid - exclusions from - IR348 IR349 differences - new employee not showing - non taxable allowances - returned by IRD - rounding errors
Employment Contracts interview disclosure - terminated before starting - when formed
Employment Law contents
Employment Relations Act employee or contractor
Employment Relations Service leave faq's
ESCT calculation - description - on IRD returns - tax rates
Extra Pays overview
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F1 Help using
Files backup to memory stick - backup to server - running from memory stick - transaction deletion
Flash Drive backup to - running from
Frequency changing default
Function Keys description of
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Generic Import add employee - bereavement - holidays - lieu days - public holidays - sick - specifications
Getting Started function keys - registration - understand concept
GPF's causes of
GST handling rate change - paying contractors
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Health & Safety host responsibility - questions when recruiting
Help Manual using
Holiday Entitlements tutorial - not compulsory in advance - pay out on 31st March - refuses to take - works 2 days a week
Holiday Pay 2003 act - 2007 changes - accruals - annual shutdowns - balance on payslip - cannot use irregular work pattern - cashing up - casual each pay - changing from casual - daily rate calculation - entitlements - ers faq's - holiday pay that attracts the extra pay tax rate - leave calendar - leave owing report - leave profile - links - miscellaneous - overview - payment for - taxing of - termination 8% part year
Holidays Act 2003 2007 changes - 52 week history - full text - section 21 calculation - sick leave
Host Responsibility of employers
Hours Worked recording daily
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IDT Timeclock import utility
Import Data add employee - bereavement - holidays - Kitomba - lieu days - public holidays - sick - specifications
Index employee
Installation locating program folder - on apple mac - on network - to another computer - to memory stick - version and serial number - without a CD
Internet backup - banking - emailed payslips - employee surfing
Interview health questions - sample questions
IR 12 replacement for
IR 23 percentage entry
IR 345 ESCT - monthly dealings - monthly dealings
IR 348 ACC payments - difference from IR349 - ESCT - exclusions from - monthly dealings - monthly dealings - non taxable allowances - reconciling to other reports - returned by IRD
IR 349 difference from IR348
IR 544 in Ace Payroll
IR 880 parental leave mother
IR 881 parental leave partner
IRD arrears - monthly dealings - monthly dealings - payroll software compliance - printed table discrepancies - website
IRD Number on payslips
Irregular Work Pattern cannot use for holiday - entry of part days - partial days - relevant daily pay
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Jayped timeclock import utility
Jury Service payment for
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Kitomba integration with
KiwiSaver overview - automatic enrolment - company setup - contribution rates - contributions holiday - contributions report - employee setup - employer contributions - ESCT - exempt employees - exempt schemes - KS10 Opt-Out Form - KS11 Intro Leaflet - KS3 Employee Info Pack - KS4 Employer Guide - opting in - opting out - pay calculation - reversals and refunds - salary sacrifice - scheme provider - total remuneration - ytd on payslips
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Labour Day date & history
Leave 2007 changes - calendar - contents - owing report - profile - time bank
License accountants & bureau - multiple companies
Linked Deductions reconciling
Linux running ace payroll - server
Logo ace payroll
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Manual help manual
Mastercard direct crediting
Memory Stick backup to - running from
Microsoft Exchange Server emailed payslips
Minimum Wage contractors - rate of
Ministry of Justice deductions
Mobile Phone Numbers employee entry of
Monthly dealings with ird - dealings with ird - printed table discrepancies
Moving Computers transferring software and data
Multiple Companies license terms
Multiple Frequencies backing up - pay dates
myIR setting up - amalgamation - correcting errors - ESCT on IRD Monthly Returns - exclusions from - invalid header error - made simple - Monthly PAYE - Monthly payment - on apple mac
MYOB software integration MYOB automatic journal post - MYOB journal export setup
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Networking Ace Payroll
New Computer installing to
New Employee not on printed monthly schedule
New Year public holiday 2017
Norton 360 security issues
Norton Internet Security emailed payslips
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One Off Payments overview
One Off Report documentation
Overpaid Wages retrieving - wages protection act
Overwrite paye
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Panztel import utility
Parental Leave browsable legislation - ERS FAQs - IR880 - IR881 - tutorial
Part Time Employee difference from casual
Partial Days irregular work pattern
Password forgotten
Pay Calculation regular procedure
Pay Dates multiple frequencies - payslip description - period end or actual payment
Pay Frequencies backing up multiple - bi monthly date calculation - changing all employees - legality of changing
Pay Rates changed within pay period - setup
PAYE overwriting deduction - overwriting default
Payment Date payslip description
Payment Reconciliation report faq
Payroll Giving overview - charity details - ird returns - paying the charity
Payslips data options ytd etc - date description - emailed - ordering - regular report - show ird number
PDF printing to
Percentage Tax Codes entry of
Printing payslips - to PDF
Privacy Policy ace payroll
Probation Period 90 day trial
Provincial Anniversary Day default company setting - employee setting - southland
PSIS direct crediting
Public Holidays allowing alternative holiday - anzac - calendar - christmas new year 2016/2017 - easter - entitlements - ers faq's - labour day - queens - southland anniversary - taken - waitangi - worked
Purchase Ace Payroll
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Queen's Birthday handling of
A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z    
Reconciling IR348 to other reports - regular nett pays
Recording daily hours worked
Recruitment health questions - sample questions
Redundancy changed hours - must be genuine - use extra pays
Registration of program - version and serial number
Regular Payroll payment reconciliation - procedures
Relevant Daily Pay irregular work pattern
Reports earnings certificate - hours worked - leave owing - one off - payment reconciliation - time bank - when filed
Restore direct credit emergency backup
Resume employee
Retiring use extra pays
Rounding Cash activation of
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Safety & Health host responsibility - questions when recruiting
Salary Sacrifice kiwisaver
Search employees
Serial Number locating
Server linux
Sick Leave balance on payslip - overview
SLBOR student loan
Southland Anniversary date observed
Special Tax Code percentage deduction
Specifications automatic backup - import files - ird payroll
Staff Socials host responsibility
STC percentage deduction
Student Loan special tax codes - voluntary repayments
Summary of Earnings in Ace Payroll
Surveillance legality of
System Information locating
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Tax Codes entry of - bills and refunds - percentage deduction - SLSTC - withholding zero
Tax Rates 0% plus earner premium - 2017 changes - bills and refunds - checklist if wrong - ESCT - GST increase - overwriting PAYE deduction - printed table discrepancies - taxing holiday pay
Telecom emailed payslips
Termination before filing payroll - form for employee - holiday 8% part year - understanding accruals
Testimonials ace payroll
Time Act 1974 full text
Time Bank balance on payslip - documentation - opening balances - reporting
Timeclocks import utility
TME Timeclock import utility
Total Remuneration setup
Transactions deleting
Transferring to new computer
Trend Micro security issues
Trial Periods overview
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Undeleting employee - transactions
Unpaid Leave time bank
Upgrade locating program folder - timing of installation
Usual Daily Rate for holiday pay
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Variation codes child support
Version history - locating - pre 2004
Video Surveillance legality of
Visa direct crediting
Voluntary student loan repayments
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Wages Protection Act deductions with workers consent only - full text - recovering overpayments
Waitangi Day handling of
What's New this year
When Filed report
Windows GPF's - moving to apple - windows 7 - windows 8
WINZ deductions
Withholding Tax paying contractors - shown on IR348 - zero percent
Work & Income deductions
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Xmas public holiday 2016
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Year End earnings certificate
Year To Date Totals on payslips