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Ace Payroll has a strong belief that if you give business people the right tools to work with, they will do the rest.


Most software companies stress the quality of their help, namely their helpdesk (which normally charges by the minute) and their onsite trainers (who normally charge by the hour).


Our philosophy is different. We try and build the tools people need - a well written manual, logical help messages on every screen in Ace Payroll and an extensive website packed with information.


We also place emphasis on having a skilled helpdesk that are great at putting out fires, but, we'd much rather give out smoke alarms to people that wish to avoid fires in the first place!


Explained below are the different ways you can avoid problems, solve problems and make your payroll processing easier. All are standard features of the Ace Payroll service and come at no extra cost.

Getting Started Guide

  • Each copy of Ace Payroll comes with an easy to read Getting Started Guide.
  • The focus of this guide is to provide an overview of Ace Payroll, and to assist you with learning the basics needed to set up and process a payroll.
  • The Getting Started Guide is not intended to provide detailed technical information. This is provided by our website, the F1 Help Manual, and the help messages that appear on all screens.
  • A PDF copy of this guide can be downloaded.

Help Messages

  • Ace Payroll has well over one thousand help messages built into the software itself.
  • These are such a core part of the program, most people wouldn't even regard them as "help messages" - they are on every screen.

Shown below is the screen that appears when you are choosing the payment criteria for a direct credit. Note this is the standard screen - rather than have a list of six options and hope the user knows what to do, when we list six options, we make a point of explaining each one to minimise the chance that you'll need help in the first place.


After reading the above screen, say Amount is clicked to pay a set dollar amount by direct credit. The following screen appears.


Having explained the six different options on the first screen, we now explain the option you have chosen, and what to do.

See what we mean? Without needing any specialist skill, you work your way through Ace Payroll, being guided by the program itself.

F1 Help Manual

  • The F1 Help Manual contains hundreds of pages of written documentation, all carefully grouped, linked and indexed.
  • More information on the F1 Help Manual is in an associated FAQ. image

Ace Payroll Helpdesk

  • In addition to our printed documentation and easy to use software, the Ace Payroll helpdesk is here to help you.
  • From 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, a team of skilled payroll professionals are here to assist. All of us are experienced in the Ace Payroll software and the procedures involved in processing a payroll.
  • We are friendly, patient and know that our role is to help make your payroll the easy, stress free task that it should be.
  • Every client receives 6 months complimentary 0800 support with the purchase of Ace Payroll. After the first 6 months, you can choose the support option that suits you best.

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