• These testimonials were received by phone, mail and email.
  • Without exception, the testimonials are unsolicited.
  • They are word for word statements heard from clients most days.
Adele, Ashburton, SN24926
Thank you very much for a wonderfully effective system!
Irene, Turangi, SN11540
By far the best system I have ever used, it is absolutely wonderful.
Colin, Christchurch, SN20037
One of the best investments I have ever made. Five minutes a week and is all it takes!
Rod, Westport, SN20708
Ace Payroll is an awesome program. I've used it in every business I've been involved in and I will continue to reccomend it to people.
Dennis, Auckland, SN25160
You folks always have the right answer!
Sue, Auckland, SN26614
I was told this was a fabulous helpdesk and it is! You are brilliant, thank you.
Lei Anne, Christchurch 8083, SN11818
Thank you so much for your help, I could have gotten some sleep last night. You guys make me feel so much better than anyone else I ever deal with, you actually help me!
Lorraine, Rotorua, SN14277
You guys are absolutely wonderful. I just love doing payroll, you make it so easy. They tried to get us to move to MYOB, I wasn't having a bar of it. Thanks for everything!
Cliff, Te Puke, SN13235
Once again, Ace Payroll provides all the appropriate information that is needed and goes above and beyond. Thank you, love using it!
Preecha, Auckland, SN26840
You guys are marvellous! You don't know how much trouble I've had with my manual payroll and I was scared to get into a computerised payroll, but your payroll is just so easy to use!
Steph, Feilding, SN5871
I just want to say that i'm so thankful for all the help you've given me, I work for an accounting firm in the daytime and I talk to a lot of helpdesks. Ace Payroll is by far the best, you are all so helpful and you treat me with respect and are very patient with me. Thank you!
Katrina, Auckland, SN26229
Thank you for such a quick and helpful response - that is very impressive customer service!
Gwen, Auckland, SN26850
Thank you for your phone call this morning in regards to the Ace Payroll demo we received - Fantastic, no fuss, quick set up and away you go! Love it!
Julie, Auckland, SN22681
Your system is absolutely wonderful, thank you very much for all your support!
Phillis, Wellington, SN6586
I just want to congratulate you on your wonderful system, we've been using it for years and it's always up to date, for such a cheap package it is just great. I've recommended it to a lot of my friends and we all love it! Thank you!
Glenys, North Otago 9448, SN26327
Im very impressed it, you guys are so efficent, much better than many other programs.
Eric , Hamilton , SN27005
Firstly, I'd like to say that you guys have done a brilliant job with Ace Payroll. Whoever is responsible for the usability design has got to be one of the best software designers in the world - usability is 100% top notch.
Chris, Auckland 1311, SN17199
You won't believe it, but I only do the wages a couple times a year and I saw that you now offer a free internet backup service. I ticked the option and, no kidding, a week later my computer died and it turns out I don't have recent backups. Thank you so much - the internet backup worked and 10 seconds later all my data was back!
Glen, Auckland, SN9344
From the day we started back in 1998 it has been so easy to use, never needed the manual. When I do need to call you, you are absolutely awsome.
Karin, Wellington, SN7874
I just wanted to start the New Year by saying that Ace Payroll is the best payroll program I have used. I find it so easy to follow and comprehensive as far as reporting goes. Whenever I can't work out how to do something I call your helpdesk and am always pleased with the efficiency and friendliness of the support team staff - and their ability to very quickly comprehend the issue and provide complete resolution. You guys rock!
Vicki, Auckland, SN15680
You guys are just great, I've been dealing with you for ages now and you are by far the best customer support team i have dealt with!
Neil, Hamilton, SN10270
You guys are that seldom found jewel in the commercial world...integrity!
Chris, Auckland, SN27553
Thank you for knowing so much about your product, it is much appreciated.
Eve, Auckland, SN13281
I've used IMS and MYOB in the past and Ace Payroll is by far the best, it is so great and it gets better and better every day.
Ian, Dunedin, SN10876
Upgrading online, with a smidgen of friendly and competent help from your gorgeous helpdesk person worked flawlessly. Why do I still allow myself to be gobsmacked by the service and software you guys provide - you'd think I'd be used to it after 10 years or so?
Glenda, Christchurch, SN24080
You have been absolutely wonderful, helpful and so patient!
Adele, Ashburton, SN24926
Thank you very much for a wonderfully effective system!
Ted, Martinborough, SN20544
I have found your system very handy when I have been employing and I find your assistance invaluable. Thank you.
Irene, Turangi, SN11540
By far the best system I've ever used, it is absolutely wonderful!
Colin, Christchurch, SN20037
One off the best investments I've ever made. Five minutes a week and that is all it takes. By far the easiest program I have ever used. Thank you for everything.
Pam, Hamilton, SN15064
I would just like to say how wonderful you have been to me over the years. Every time I have called you have always been so helpful, quick and answered everything I've asked. Thank you so much!
Mervyn, Turangi, SN26617
I wish all customer service people were just like you!
Sue, Auckland, SN26614
I was told this was a fabulous helpline and it is. You are brilliant!
Mary , Hamilton, SN7921
I think your software is amazing, I really do enjoy working with it!
Lorraine, Rotorua, SN14277
You guys are absolutely wonderful. I love Ace Payroll, you make it so easy. They tried to get us to move to MYOB, no way! Thank you for everything.
Cliff, Te Puke, SN13235
Once again, Ace Payroll provides all the appropriate information that is needed and goes above and beyond. Thank you, I love using it.
Preecha, Auckland, SN26840
You guys are marvellous! You don't know how much trouble I've had with my manual payroll and I was scared to get into a computerised payroll, but your payroll is just so easy to use!
Steph, Feilding, SN5871
I just want to say that I'm so thankful for all the help you've given me, I work for an accounting firm in the daytime and I talk to a lot of helpdesks and Ace Payroll is by far the best, you are all so helpful and you treat me with respect and are very patient with me. Thank You!
Murray, Morrinsville, SN26425
I just want to compliment you on your wonderful program, I use it in all of our medical centres and it is just excellent! I love your leave owing report too, it's just a absolutely great!!
Alex , Wellington, SN4462
I have to say, you are the only helpdesk I have come across that actually has an answer straight away - you guys are absolutely brilliant.
Eric , Hamilton , SN27005
Firstly, I'd like to say that you guys have done a brilliant job with Ace Payroll. Whoever was responsible for the usability designs has got to be one of the best software designers in the world - usability is 100% top notch.
Phillis, Wellington, SN6586
I just want to congratulate you on your wonderful system, we've been using it for years and it's always up to date, for such a cheap package it is just great. I've recommended it to a lot of my friends and we all love it! Thank You!
Grant , Ohope Beach , SN16758
I find your payroll really easy and recommend it to everyone.
Chris, Auckland 1311, SN17199
You won't believe it, but I only do the wages a couple times a year and I saw that you now offer a free internet backup service. I ticked the option and, no kidding, a week later my computer died and it turns out I don't have recent backups. Thank you so much - the internet backup worked and 10 seconds later all my data was back!
Pam, Havelock North, SN13634
Your support staff are EXCELLENT! Any time I phone they are extremely helpful!
Karin, Wellington, SN7874
I just wanted to start the New Year by saying that Ace Payroll is the best payroll program I have used. I find it so easy to follow and comprehensive as far as reporting goes. Whenever I can't work out how to do something I call your help desk and am always pleased with the efficiency and friendliness of the support team staff - and their ability to very quickly comprehend the issue and provide complete resolution. You guys rock!
Gavin, Auckland, SN11015
You guys provide a great service, it is worth every cent!
Eric, Auckland, SN18029
At our last BNI breakfast meeting last year, the following testimonial was read out and I thought you may want to hear it. "I was never on hold for less than 10 minutes with the MYOB help desk. Compare this with my experience with Ace Payroll - I purchased the software, and the very next day I had a call from Ace Payroll with my registration code. I wasn't in front of the computer and wouldn't be till after the weekend, so I had to call back. I phoned and was answered on the fourth ring by a human (shock horror), she took my details and gave me my registration number. It took all of 2 minutes. I put down the phone and wondered why I hadn't moved to Ace Payroll years ago!"
Monique , Hastings, SN23501
I love payroll, our accountants recommended you and they just love what you do, I've just told IMS and MYOB to bugger off!
Gaye , Auckland , SN25835
Thanks again - I will need some advice when I transfer the data from MYOB (crap program!) to Ace Payroll (dream program!).
Peter, Dunedin, SN24132
I have to say i just absolutely love Ace Payroll, I'm really happy with it!
Carol , Auckland, SN25765
That was so easy, I wish I changed to this payroll years ago!
Gwen, Dunedin, SN23608
I absolutely love dealing with you guys, you're always a great help.
Craig , New Plymouth, SN20012
I have to say you guys are my favourite software providers, everything is logical and your support is just fantastic. If you guys ever need a referee, put them on to me!
Tania, Waimate, SN25124
This is a really good system this, really well priced, its good - you have a really good support line so thank you.
Hugh, Auckland, SN16601
I know I've said this before but you guys are great. The program is so user friendly, you always know what you're talking about and the backup service is great. I would never even think of leaving Ace Payroll.
Judy, Christchurch, SN9911
I've just had a look at your new reports after I installed the latest upgrade, and I absolutely love them, they are fantastic.
Claire, Invercargill 9840, SN22945
I have never dealt with such a wonderful company in all my life, you girls are just so helpful and I love dealing with you!
Sep, Wellington, SN14955
Out of all the programs I've used you guys are just awsome. Your support and program is just absolutely amazing!
Barbara, Hamilton, SN22387
I just wanted to say how professional and organized you seem to be and that I enjoy using Ace Payroll. I am the owner of our business and now have to do the wages and more accounting work. We have 5 full time and 4 part time staff and using your system is really easy. The recent receipt of the update CD looked attractive with the heavy card cover and the easy instructions. Your staff have always been quick, efficient and friendly over the phone.
Reuben , Wellington, SN25921
It's absolutely brilliant, Ace Payroll is just fantastic!
Noreen, Papakura, SN26128
It's a great program, I used it for the first time yesterday and it was just awesome,
Linda, Hamilton, SN21885
Your program is a breeze and a pleasure to use but your service is extraordinary. Thank you for making it so easy!
Chris, Taranaki, SN25240
This payroll is so simple, it's made my life much easier. Thank you!
Brett, Matamata 3400, SN25858
I absolutely love your system, Kiwisaver used to force me to drink, but you make it so easy!
Jane, Auckland 1446, SN15505
I liked you guys sooo much better than MYOB and completely prefer your program and help desk.
Chris, Christchurch, SN25965
You guys are just so clever! Every time I ring you, you always know exactly what im talking about!
Alwyn, Hamilton 3216, SN25489
This is just so wonderful, i love doing new things with you guys on the support line, i learn so much.
Janice , Queenstown, SN26183
I was totally impressed by your service. My initial phone inquiry answered my queries fast. Then to get the pack in the mail the next day was awesome. Your website is very informative and easy to use and your helpdesk was fantastic with instant response on a Saturday afternoon.
Kevin, Seddon, SN19358
You guys are good, you have such good answers and you get back to me so quickly, I really appreciate it.
Mark, Auckland, SN9815
It's a great system, it works well. This is the best software in New Zealand.
Diane, New Plymouth, SN24691
You guys are so wonderful, whenever I call in with a question you always answer it so simply and make it so easy to understand. Your software is so simple to use!
Theresa, Masterton, SN19093
We don't really call you guys much, if at all. However, we always pay for a support contract because even though we may not call much we really appreciate what you guys do for us.
Roger, Queenstown, SN19220
This is a very dependable system, Ace Payroll. Very good support team too!
Brian , Rotorua, SN10556
I have found Ace Payroll to be an excellent program which is user friendly and if in the future I start paying wages again I will most certainly be using it.
Linda, Auckland, SN12554
You are just great! You really know what you are doing. I expect to get help when I call and you have really helped me, you're wonderful, just great!
Mark , Havelock North 4130, SN26144
This is a very nice program, I love it!
Colleen, Otago, SN15579
I wish to take the opportunity of thanking you for your support over the period we have been associated with you. I have always found the support staff very helpful and most knowledgeable about their product.
Fran , Havelock North , SN26144
Oooh it's a such a clever system, it's so easy!
Jackie, Christchurch, SN13342
It's a really good system isn't it? It's not difficult at all!
Lynda, Tauranga, SN9114
Many thanks for taking all the hard work out of KiwiSaver. You've achieved a brilliantly easy system for lazy pay clerks like myself!
Heather, Hamilton, SN7420
It's a good system I really like it!
Sunny , Auckland, SN20133
Out of every business I have dealt with, you have been by far the best. The customer service has been great. I am really going to miss dealing with you.
Neil, Hamilton 3206, SN10270
Thanks for all the work you have taken off my shoulders with your excellent integration of KiwiSaver. I think I may have been headed to the asylum if I had to figure out that lot for myself, you guys are the best!
Grant, Christchurch, SN8880
It's a great system, it's just fantastic!
Vicky, Kumeu, SN6288
I enjoy using Ace Payroll - it is much easier than Comacc or MYOB!
Asha, Auckland 8, SN6123
So impressed with your help desk staff, you know everything and are so much better than any other software for payroll.
Carolyn , Wellington, SN15869
Your program is just so beautiful, it does the best little print outs!
Gareth, Ngatea, SN7071
This is just the best program, thank you!
Alex, Wellington, SN4462
Out of all the call centres I've ever spoken to, you guys are the only people I never have trouble with!
Helen, Auckland, SN21524
Your system is very easy to use.
Sep, Wellington, SN14955
I'm gonna marry this bloody payroll!
Trisha , Christchurch , SN19873
Ace Payroll is fantastic, I went through some old reports and I couldnt believe the kind of stuff I could get out of it, it's fantastic!
Hilary , Auckland, SN23914
I'm just wondering about renewing my support contract but I have never ever called you because Ace Payroll is so easy to use. Do people actually call you for help?
Pauke, Wairoa 4193, SN21877
Oh wow you guys are so smart, I tell you two words and you know exactly what I'm talking about. Amazing!
Nancy , Wanaka 9192, SN17537
I'm loving Ace Payroll and I'm recommending all my clients use it.
Sunny , Auckland, SN20133
Hi everyone, we sold our business on 31 August and we're happy with our decision to do so. The bad news is that we won't be continuing on with all of you :( Thank you for GREAT service and fabulous staff, you guys are the best! Thank you so much!
David, Tauranga, SN19599
We absolutely love this software, it's saved us a lot of issues.
Susan, Christchurch, SN15852
Absolutely fantastic helpline you have at Ace Payroll, thank you so much!
Graham, Christchurch, SN22177
This system is just awesome, so easy to use!
Sarah, Feilding, SN8557
I LOVE dealing with your company!
Sandy , Auckland, SN23888
I have to say your system is wonderful, I'm doing all my holiday pay and you have made it so easy for me! I've been with MYOB with years, they are crap, and coming to Ace Payroll, it is the best move our company has ever made!
Tanja, Papakura , SN21395
You guys are great. You know exactly what you're doing and whenever I call you guys help me straight away.
Trish, Christchurch, SN9309
I just want to thank you all at Ace Payroll for all your help this year - you are wonderful.
Catherine, Auckland, SN9307
I would just like to say that I really appreciate your help line, all you people are so helpful and friendly, its so lovely and refreshing.
Patricia, Auckland, SN4897
I used to use MYOB but I really love using Ace Payroll, its just the way its set up - very user friendly!
Memet, Auckland, SN25577
I think Ace Payroll is fantastic!
Julia, Gore, SN25480
Can I just say, this program the best thing since sliced bread, whoever created it deserves a pat on the back!
Margaret, Hamilton, SN16370
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful support over the last five years. As a relatively new computer operator at the time, to know there was someone at the end of the phone was a welcome relief on many occasions.
Cherie, Auckland, SN21211
You guys rock, thank you so much for all your help, hugs and kisses!
Karen, Auckland, SN23668
I tell you, your service has been invaluable, it is just great!
Cathryn , Cromwell, SN18197
I have to say this is just a magic system, I have tried really hard to stuff things up and I can't!
Lindsay , Petone, SN14014
It is IRD approved software, it's so easy to use, it is just great. I'm 61 and I find it so easy to use!
Brendon, Whangamata, SN17429
Wow, Ace Payroll continues to just amaze me.
Chris, Christchurch, SN22953
This system is fantastic, everything is worked out for you!
Rowena, Kaiapoi, SN24204
Its such a good program and so easy to use!
Irene, Turangi, SN11540
I love this program, it's so easy!
Karen , Auckland, SN23612
I'm so excited, it is really easy to use and you guys are really great too.
Geoff, Christchurch 8140, SN6108
We went away from Ace Payroll for a year because we bought an enterprise system that included payroll and, boy, what a nightmare! I'm so glad to be back on Ace Payroll and love some of the new stuff you've added.
Michelle, Whitianga, SN23783
I'm really enjoying using Ace Payroll, it's so exciting and easy.
Laraine , Upper Hutt, SN23573
All your staff there know what theyre doing and I really appreciate the help.
Kristine, Wellington, SN16838
Ace Payroll is just amazing, it's so easy.
Colleen, Timaru, SN18457
This program is just absolutely jolly amazing!
Leo, Alexandra, SN8221
I love this software. It's the best software I've ever used!
Philip, Wellington, SN9780
You are very helpful and always there when I need you.
Aroha, Auckland, SN11981
You know what? This payroll is great not like the other jokers.
Murray, Christchurch, SN9725
I've had this program for years and it's marvellous.
Karen, Tauranga, SN24091
Brilliant, dont know why we did not do this sooner!
Brenda, Hamilton, SN23052
You have the best system in the world! Wouldn't use any other payroll system.
Amiria, Whakatane, SN24420
I've just started working here and the first thing I'm doing is buying Ace Payroll. This is the third company in a row that I'll be using Ace Payroll for and I couldn't be without it, wages are a nightmare but Ace Payroll makes them so simple.
Trisha, Christchurch 8542, SN19873
Absolutely amazing program, makes life so much easier!
Alan , Nelson, SN17480
Hey, your support there is really good, I really appreciate it!
Graham , Christchurch, SN22177
I have been using your system for ages and it is absolutely fantastic.
Graham , Christchurch, SN22177
Your system is just wonderful, it used to take me hours to do all this before. When we put on this package it took me a couple of minutes and I was like, what? Is that it? It's just wonderful, god this is brilliant!
Tracey , Levin, SN5821
Man I knew you guys were the bomb!
Stuart, Christchurch, SN11991
What a fantastic system you guys run there. There is nobody else close to your phone help!
Leigh, Kerikeri 0295, SN23083
This system is fantastic!
Hugh, Auckland, SN16601
Out of every business I've ever contacted, you guys have the best phone service out of them all.
Rod, Morrinsville, SN10414
You guys have such great and speedy service.
Graham, Christchurch, SN22177
What a great system!
Debbie, Auckland 0650, SN24736
I've used Ace Payroll before in other businesses, and there is no competition on the market.
David, Christchurch, SN22714
This package is so easy to use!
Claire, Invercargill , SN22945
You guys are just excellent to deal with, you really are!
Terry, Auckland, SN12585
Absolutely awsome, has made my life so much easier. Amazing, so user friendly!
Sue, Wellington, SN9505
Your payroll is so wonderful and easy. Whenever I call or email you I get a speedy reply and a proper answer to my question, whereas with other systems I can't even get through to their helpdesk sometimes and their answers are less than helpful.
Brenda, Rotorua, SN16917
Absolutely wonderful service, thank you so much!
Michelle, Whitianga, SN23783
Ace Payroll has made a huge difference to me, I love it and have already recommended it to a friend!
Debbie, Auckland, SN9021
This is a wonderful payroll system!
Brian, Wellington, SN19536
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for a great program which has made payroll a breeze for me! When I rehire in the future I will definitely be back in touch.
Sunny , Auckland, SN20133
You guys have the best customer service of any company I've ever dealt with!
Ainslie, Balclutha, SN11442
I love Ace Payroll, it is just so easy to work with and I recommend it to anyone looking for a payroll program.
Diane, Invercargill, SN17766
It's a great system and I always reccommend it to others.
Jo, Hamilton, SN1269
I just wanted to say thanks for your assistance with my payroll queries. It's a pleasure to speak to people who are friendly and helpful and that goes for all the team members I have spoken to so far. I have in the past dealt with the MYOB support people over numerous matters and none have been as accommodating!
Murray, Auckland, SN24341
I love you guys, you are the best!
Glenda, Matamata, SN8180
You guys are really wonderful and every time I've had a query whoever I get is just fantastic - I really appreciate it!
Carla, Levin, SN14974
Keep up the good work, I find your website so handy and it answers all of my questions!
Maureen, Auckland 1007, SN17983
Thank you so much - I wish every company replied to emails as quickly as Ace Payroll does!
John, Wellington, SN19427
Can I just say that your helpdesk is the best I have ever dealt with by a mile, and your software is absolutely fantastic. It is worth every cent.
Sue, Hastings, SN6714
I would like to compliment your company on a very fine program you have got. It has been such a simple but complete wage program for us over the years.
Linda, Otago, SN22692
I love dealing with you people because you are so helpful, I install Ace Payroll everywhere I can because of your excellent service and wonderful product. Please don't ever let MYOB get their hands on you!
Ian , New Plymouth, SN12047
Its a wonderful program, I dont know how I would operate without it!
John, Napier, SN5780
A note to say what a pleasure it was to go through the upgrade procedures yesterday. The instructions were clear, concise, in logical order and were in plain english. I congratulate the team for an excellent result in achieving a set of upgrade instructions that actually work!
Mary, Hamilton, SN7921
Ace Payroll is just wonderful, I tell everybody about it. I have been using it for 5 years and never have to worry about anything because your upgrades come and everything just happens automatically.
Margaret , Auckland, SN22880
This is such a wicked program!
Kim, Whitianga, SN17464
It's a great little program, even I can use it!
Jeannie, Wellington 6035, SN23500
The program is fantastic and so is the helpdesk.
Maureen, Whangarei, SN17338
I love you guys. It's so worthwhile paying the support contract each year.
Erin, Rotorua, SN22661
It's so easy and it has been so wonderful, we love it!
Kim, Cambridge, SN23758
This is a really good program, I love it.
Karen , Christchurch, SN23693
This system is really really good especially compared to the old fashioned way, it really is.
Gail, Taupo, SN23056
I've used all sorts of payrolls in New Zealand and Australia, but your payroll is lovely.
Brenda, Rotorua, SN16917
This would be the BEST system I have ever used. Keep up the good work. I have introduced it into 3 companies I have worked at! Great stuff.
Brenda, Auckland, SN23052
Ace Payroll is a wonderful system.
Shelley, Whangamata, SN23831
Can I just commend you all, whenever I call you know exactly what I want, great service!
Tanya, Auckland, SN1197
I love taking clients off MYOB to give to you guys!!
Christine, Christchurch, SN20414
You know, it never fails to amaze me how great Ace Payroll is!
Kelly, Gore, SN23923
This is so easy, I can't believe it! On the first day I was stressing and thinking I was going to have to allow a whole afternoon for this and be on the phone all day but I didn't have to call you guys once!
Ashley , Queenstown, SN20160
Ace Payroll is such a wonderful system - it is all stepped out in front of you!
Margaret, Tauranga, SN16647
You guys are just so good!
Stephen, Auckland, SN21821
You have an absolutely fantastic payroll program - it is the best thing we have ever had.
Kate , Rotorua, SN23331
It's an awesome program I don't know what I did without it!
Alan , Palmerston North, SN9044
It's been a brilliant program and your support has just been excellent - thank you.
Kath , Auckland, SN9800
You guys are just so amazing!
Gwen, Dunedin, SN23608
Ace Payroll is so much easier to follow than MYOB!
Elsie , Palmerston North, SN21213
You guys are so good, you really are. You are just amazing, and you walk through it so logically I just can't give you enough credit!
Vicky, Auckland, SN17115
It's a great program and it makes my life so easy!
John , Tauranga, SN21493
Ace Payroll is a very very good system and having you guys on the phone is just great.
Cushla, Hamilton, SN20192
It used to take a whole week to do the payroll and now it takes 4 minutes!
Glenys, Tauranga, SN13616
It's just so easy to use!
David, Northland, SN11129
I just wanted to say that your payroll system is fantastic. I'm sorry that I have sold the business and won't be using it any more because I have used it for about 11 years and the whole time has been enjoyable. Feel free to use me as a reference, it is a fantastic program that I've told so many people about!
Liz , Christchurch, SN21104
I love your payroll, it is so much better than MYOB!
Kerry, Kaikohe, SN13191
Ace Payroll is a wonderful system isn't it? You're wonderful!
Glenn, Auckland, SN19834
It is a pleasure working with you guys - you are always there when we need you and you know exactly what you are doing - I wish other organisations would offer the same.
Linda, Auckland, SN19245
Can I say how great it has been dealing with Ace Payroll so far. The responses are always so prompt and friendly and the online support so comprehensive. Wish the same could be said of other software companies!
Graham , Palmerston North, SN21338
I love these emailed payslips, just beautiful!
John , Tauranga, SN23113
This is the most user friendly program I've ever encountered - it is fantastic.
Jethro, Wanaka, SN23072
I now use your payroll on all of my sites - it is a great payroll and is now an integral part of my business - it is simple to follow and easy to use and I can train someone in half an hour to get them up and running.
Mary , Kaikoura, SN15354
This is just a fantastic system especially for someone as old and silly as me!
Colin , Taumarunui, SN12077
I just tell everyone about Ace Payroll. It is absolutely brilliant for a man like me, the system is just so easy to use.
Patricia , Katikati, SN15039
I recommend Ace Payroll to everyone, it is so simple and easy to use!
Richie , Auckland, SN20690
It is a very simple system to use - I mean even I can use it! Very simple, user friendly and I would recommend it to everyone.
Campbell , Christchurch , SN17636
The service from Ace Payroll is just so good!
Lorraine , Christchurch , SN22807
I like Ace Payroll a lot and love the fact I can ring up and find out if I'm on the right track!
Carl, Hamilton, SN20192
I love your program, my wages used to take me nearly all day and now they take 20 minutes! I also love your 0800 service, you are all so helpful and easy to get hold of.
Brett, Whangarei, SN8279
Your payroll is just marvellous, I tell absolutely everybody about Ace Payroll. It takes all the stress out of my life and when I call for help you guys really know your business. If only I could get the same kind of help from other providers.
David, Napier, SN16087
There is no doubt about it, Ace Payroll is absolutely brilliant. Everything is a breeze, particularly KiwiSaver which a lot of my colleagues say they are having huge problems with but with Ace Payroll it all just happened with no problems at all.
Denise, Hamilton , SN8900
I just never have any troubles with the payroll, you guys are so supportive when I call, I very rarely have to call Ace Payroll, it is all just so easy!
Miles , Auckland, SN13640
A few minutes ago, I rang Ace Payroll. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the young lady I spoke to. She was extremely patient with me and helpful too. If you can find out who it was, please convey my appreciation for her good customer service.
Leone, Auckland, SN19942
I love this system, i say it everytime i call you but every time it's just so good.
Marion, Martinborough, SN16714
Thank you for all your support. Your program is excellent and I have recommended it to several people who were looking for a good payroll program.
Betsy, Auckland, SN22449
Your program is absolutely fantastic - I'm not very computer literate and I have been able to find my way around everything!
Kathy, Wellington, SN10011
Thank you so much for your very professional system and help over our years with you.
Fenella, Waikanae, SN16096
You guys are so good - everytime I call you, you make everything so easy!
Brian , Auckland , SN11807
Your system is just amazing - so easy it is a joke!
Mike, Twizel, SN22603
I have just migrated from MYOB Payroll and Ace Payroll is bloody marvellous and streaks ahead of that other outfit. When querying your help desk people they have been exceptional - you even get to speak to someone when you ring up! All of your staff are a pleasure to deal with and have provided solutions very quickly with obvious knowledge of the product - a vast improvement on the other mob. Finally, your website and help files are a great resource with lots of very good info.
Jane, Wellington, SN22359
I really like the layout of Ace Payroll, it's very easy to use!
Lynette , Waimate , SN21131
It's such a good system, it is so self explanatory. I wanted to stay on the support contract, but your great system means I don't really need it!
Derek, Pahiatua , SN12951
I just find Ace Payroll so easy to use, in all the years I've never needed to call you until today!
Ross, Wellington, SN19719
Thank you for all the help you have given us. The service has been incredible!
Shane, Whangamata, SN22742
Your website is really good. Congratulates!
Brian, Kerikeri, SN7266
Thank you for the service you have offered over the years we have used Ace Payroll. Can I just say that it is the most user friendly and informative program that I have on my computer and I always recommend it to my compatriots.
Gordon, Auckland 1022, SN21393
I love Ace Payroll - it just ticks over and does everything you want without any problems.
Ann , Auckland, SN17131
I've just loaded 3 employees into KiwiSaver and it was all too easy! Your instructions were so clear and I just can't rate your firm high enough. I sing your praises every time I can, the software is so user friendly - thank you!
Kerrie , Queenstown, SN19176
I really enjoyed your newsletter, it was a lot clearer than what the IRD sent out. The pictures and the explanations really simplified everything regarding KiwiSaver.
Mike , Auckland, SN22468
Ace Payroll is a neat product - it's New Zealand made and you've got a great website with all the stupid questions I could possibly ask!
Rachel , Feilding, SN5526
Ace Payroll is an amazing system - bloody brilliant!
Trudy, Hamilton, SN18797
I must say it doesnt matter when I phone you and for what reason you guys are so helpful!
Marian , Auckland, SN13056
I've just done my first KiwiSaver deduction for an employee and it all worked great - I just wanted to let you know, the your documentation on your website was very easy to go through.
Allanah , Auckland , SN22483
Your customer service is exceptional - I must say that everybody I have talked to has been great.
Gavin, Auckland, SN11015
Of all the various companies we deal with you run the best helpdesk by miles.
Betty, Matamata, SN8180
You guys are really good, I havent been doing this job long and you guys are really good on the phones, you always make me feel better so I just thought you should know that.
Hiran, Auckland, SN14543
I have been with Ace Payroll since 2000 and it has been fantastic. I have recommended it to the new owners and if I go into business again I would gladly use it a second time.
Sandra, Palmerston North, SN22147
Thank you so much for the extremely prompt service we have received for the whole package. I am pleased I went with Ace Payroll. I had used your product before and have always found you easy to deal with.
Gavin, Auckland, SN11015
Thank you once again for being so helpful, as you always are. You are the best helpdesk I have ever dealt with - you are just wonderful!
Max, Napier, SN17773
Your payroll is just marvellous - it is worth its weight in gold.
Paul, Wellington, SN11428
Just wanted to say your support people are awesome! Always very helpful and knowledgeable and most importantly practical as they can use workarounds rather than just saying it can't be done.
Sue, Kerikeri, SN13524
Helpful as usual, your system and service continues to be wonderful.
Karena, Auckland, SN6191
Thank you for all your support over the years. I have found working with Ace Payroll to be very simple & straight forward - with easy to read reports - which made checking things is a breeze!
Neil , Hamilton, SN10270
Your software is marvellous. I've put quite a few people onto you.
Jodee, Levin, SN14746
I think Ace is so user friendly!
Margaret, Nelson, SN18139
Personally I can't understand why anyone would use a different system to Ace Payroll - it is so easy to use!
Jacqui, Whitianga, SN19804
Your company answers the phone so fast, amazing!
Meng Chan, Auckland, SN5432
I love this system its so easy to use Im very happy
Gail, Auckland, SN20540
I really do love your payroll, it is so easy. I've used all the others and Ace Payroll is by far the best.
Fiona, Christchurch, SN21296
We may only have one employee but because it's so simple and easy, getting Ace Payroll is still absolutely worth it!
Ian, Dunedin, SN10876
Thank you so much for the KiwiSaver newsletter that came with the CD, it was a pleasure to read from cover to cover and made everything very clear, unlike the confusing document the IRD just sent us!
Chrissi , Christchurch, SN21328
I love Ace Payroll, it is just so easy to use. I tried to use MYOB payroll and it baffled me but I haven't had a single problem with your one.
Barry, Auckland, SN18823
My sincere thanks to Ace Payroll for all the help you have given me regarding the spyware that was interfering with my payroll. I really mean it.
Andy , Auckland, SN18171
I really appreciate Ace Payroll, it is really excellent to work with. I used to do it all by hand and this just takes the hassle right out of it. I recommend Ace Payroll to every company I know that is having problems with their payroll!
Shirley, Taupo, SN21480
Your program is absolutely wonderful, everything is so simple and easy to follow.
Anne , Auckland, SN21028
I love this system!
Colin, Christchurch, SN5567
Just a quick note to say thanks for the upgrade. Ace Payroll just keeps getting better and better. I love the email payslips option!
Kelly, Invercargill, SN7609
I just want to pass on to your people that I am so excited that I can now email payslips. This is the best upgrade ever and I am so pleased I dont need to fold payslips any more.
Shirley, Auckland, SN17287
If I could I would yell off the rooftops how easy your payroll is! It is amazing.
Maree, Christchurch, SN19305
This is the most fantastic software I have used. It is wonderful.
Leone, Auckland, SN19942
I love this system, it is so good it just takes so little time to do the wages.
Lynley , Tokoroa, SN6193
I would just like to finish by telling you that in my humble opinion you have a fantastic program and I always recommend it to anyone who is ever looking for a payroll system or I hear them grumbling away about their present one. I have converted one or two as well - I shall keep on spreading the gospel.
Tracy, Christchurch, SN6770
I don't know how you do it, you people are absolute life savers. I appreciate you all so much.
Leigh-ann , Christchurch, SN20991
I love you people. I'm going to refer you to all my clients!
Chris , Tauranga 3001, SN21455
Ace Payroll is so simple to use I can't figure out anyone would use a different system?
Deanne, Wanaka, SN7023
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with your staff over the last two days while I have been having major issues setting up a new company through Ace Payroll. I was on the phone constantly annoying and questioning. No one lost patience with me and they went out of their way to be helpful. Thank you!
Chris, Bay Of Plenty, SN4999
Such a lovely program!
Christine, Christchurch, SN20414
I can't believe how uncomplicated this payroll is! I was using this other payroll and it was an absolute nightmare and always has been. But this is so easy to use, it is amazing.
Sue, Blenheim, SN13959
It is a lovely system to work with and everyone on the help desk is great!
Sue, Auckland, SN21839
I am very impressed with your company. It is nice to deal with people who speak nicely to you.
John, Tauranga, SN21493
Ace Payroll is very good, I keep telling others doing payroll manually that it is so easy and so affordable.
Robyn, Christchurch, SN9469
I think Ace Payroll is the best program in the world. It is just the most amazing piece of software I've ever come across.
Dianne, Auckland, SN5009
If it was any other program it would be a horribly complicated job to do what we just did. I cannot believe how easy it is to fix a problem - you guys are just brilliant. Thank you.
Lester, Katikati, SN12669
This has to be the best system I have ever used, barring none.
Charles , Christchurch, SN9154
We think Ace Payroll is just the greatest, its a brilliant program we just love it and if anyone asks about payroll systems I always recommend you guys.
Matt, Dunedin, SN16628
Every other customer service is useless except for you guys, you're just brillant.
Alick, Auckland, SN0
I just wanted to say congratulations to the team at Ace Payroll for having such a useful website. Your daily articles on payroll related issues are great! I've found them a real help in increasing my general knowledge in this area. Your website is the first thing I visit every morning. Many thanks and keep up the great work!
Megan , Auckland, SN19286
I'm always really impressed with the phone support from Ace Payroll.
Trudy, Hamilton, SN18797
You guys are always so helpful and not only that you are always so clear, you really can make us understand what you're saying.
Nicki , South Auckland, SN20798
This is the best system I have ever used and you guys are the best help desk I have ever come across. Your program is just fabulous.
Simon, Auckland, SN16285
It really is the best program I've ever used. Every time I ring you always know the answer.
Mara, Ashhurst, SN20864
You guys are fantastic, I'm so glad that I have the 0800 number. You make life so much easier.
Rowena , Tairua, SN21009
All of you are so professional, from answering the phone to all of you being so lovely and knowledgeable.
Mary , Hamilton, SN7921
I have been absolutely delighted with Ace Payroll since I have been using it for the last 4 years and want to compliment you on your latest upgrade especially the email payslips feature which saves me from stuffing payslips in silly little brown envelopes. Please pass on my compliments to those concerned.
Jude, Tauranga, SN16498
Thank you so much - I love the program and am promoting it.
Brent , Feilding , SN8292
Thank you for such a great system.
Lindsay , Nelson, SN17402
We have found your product to be extremely good and it has saved a small business like ours a tremendous amount of time and money. We thank you for the support over the last 3 years.
Gill, Auckland, SN9870
We absolutely love your payroll - the service is just wonderful and everything is so easy to use. Thank you for your continued wonderful service.
Brian, Waitakere City, SN1168
It is a great program and I'm trying to get everyone on to it!
David, Auckland , SN7402
It is a wonderful system, it is just so easy to learn.
Chrissi , Christchurch, SN21328
I love Ace Payroll, it's just so easy to use. I tried to use MYOB Payroll and it baffled me but I don't even have questions with your one.
Lynda , Queenstown, SN20534
This program is so fantastic - I've set up 3 companies on it now and it is just too easy!
Murray, Auckland, SN19928
Your payroll is brilliant - it is very clever and very easy to use.
Heather, Palmerston North, SN20875
It is a really good system. I'm very impressed with it.
Alice , Hamilton, SN20684
I just have to tell you this program is brilliant - I love it!
Matt, Porirua , SN14128
This is a fantastic system to use!
Omid, Auckland, SN13793
I love your helpdesk, so helpful. Not like some companies where they put you on hold for 35 minutes listening to lousy music and call it customer service. This is such a handsome payroll, it's fantastic and such a joy.
Dennis, Christchurch, SN4933
What a beautiful system you have. I love it!
George, Auckland, SN8218
You're so sweet, over the years you guys have really helped me out!
Inga, Nelson , SN20587
It's just so simple, it is an incredible package and you guys are really great on the phones.
Brian , Auckland , SN11807
Ace Payroll is just fantastic - it is a great system!
Denise , Christchurch, SN13429
I love your payroll it's just wonderful - all you have to do now is teach it how to make my coffee in the morning!
Tim, Christchurch, SN20784
My wife thinks your payroll is absolutely wonderful - she cannot believe what she paid for it - she said it is worth thousands to her.
Vicki, Auckland, SN16759
Don't tell the owners, but I cant believe I only paid $250 for the program, I would have paid $2000 for it!
Elspeth, Christchurch, SN9487
I haven't called in about a problem, everything is going great. I just wanted to say thank you for how good the emailed payslip feature is. I can't believe how much time I'm now saving, and how easy it is. It has made things incredibly easy when compared to my old way of doing it.
Jan, Auckland, SN20193
You guys have been fantastic! I always recommend you and I always get really good support.
Chris, Christchurch , SN14243
The best support contract you can ever have is a support contract with Ace Payroll - it is really worth it.
Barbara , Christchurch, SN17359
You're always so helpful when I call and you never put me down or make me feel stupid.
Sam, Palmerston North, SN11139
It is a great service and a great payroll system. I don't mind giving positive feedback when it is deserved, and in your case it really is. Your payroll is so easy to use and it is a pleasure to deal with you.
Marshall, Auckland, SN21064
We tried Quickbooks and MYOB and think Ace Payroll beats them all for simplicity and clarity of steps. There is no fuss and no major learning to do - please send us a full version today.
Mark, Wanaka, SN16206
You guys have a really wonderful system. I've used other payroll systems before and they are rubbish, but you have really great support.
Sue, Wellington, SN20682
Your payroll is really fantastic, I am enjoying it a lot. It has made life so much easier than using a manual system.
Helen , Napier, SN20768
I am so delighted with how simple and user friendly it is - it's just brilliant.
Natasha, Auckland, SN18340
I find Ace Payroll is just fantastic! I was doing it manually before and I thought it would be mind boggling but it is just so easy.
Simon, Auckland, SN16285
I can hardly turn my computer on but I just love your payroll because it is idiot proof!
Inga, Auckland, SN20587
I love it, I think it is a really good program especially for someone my age!
Alan, Palmerston North, SN9044
Your program is beautiful, your support is fantastic. Working with your company is one of the more pleasurable parts of my job.
Barry, Christchurch, SN19645
It is a very good system and I've been recommending it to others.
Lelia, Hokitika, SN6286
Your program is absolutely fantastic - I wouldn't swap ever even though I have been approached by other payroll companies. I learned how to use the payroll initially without any help from you guys but when I do need you, you are just fantastic. Thank you.
Alex, Queenstown, SN19946
Your company has been fantastic to us - thank you!
Iain, Auckland, SN18968
Ace Payroll is very simple to use and works like a charm.
Rod , Westport , SN20708
It's a magic program, just brilliant - it makes such a difference in my life. I have a friend in business who I will be recommending this to strongly.
Kath , Auckland, SN12000
It is a great program and I love it, I've used it for many years.
Noel , Auckland, SN4802
I've been very pleased with Ace Payroll, it is an excellent program.
Trixie , Tauranga, SN10548
We have recommended your system to lots of people and are really happy with it ourselves.
Simon, Auckland, SN16285
It is great having you guys there to help when we need it. It's a fantastic service, thank you.
Chris , Palmerston North, SN20535
It's really easy to use, I love it.
Ayna, Auckland, SN20562
I cannot believe how easy your program is to use - I downloaded the demo from your website and with no assistance was able to set it up and run my wages - the program is absolutely awesome.
John, Wanganui, SN19470
It's an awesome program, we never have any problems with it.
Georgina , Wellington, SN20508
You guys are wonderful, you're always great to us when we call!
Colin, Tauranga, SN18309
You know I have to say that every time I use this program I cannot believe how easy it is. Of all the software I've used this is by far the best. Your programmer obviously knows what people want and has made it very simple.
Nicolette, Wairoa, SN17412
You have an awesome help desk, thank you so much for all of your help in the past.
Diane, Tauranga, SN14375
You guys have been great, you have wonderful software!
Kylie, Queenstown, SN14111
You guys have fantastic software don't you - brilliant.
Helen, Auckland, SN20467
This is the most brillant program in the world. It is very easy, a tremendous payroll.
Peter, Auckland, SN12287
The helpdesk is great, the support system has been really good.
Will, Lower Hutt, SN6571
I love this system, it's totally brilliant.
Anne , Wellington, SN19800
Ace Payroll is wonderful, I love it more than ever!
Lisa, Whitianga, SN11741
Thank you for your excellent product and support from all of us.
Carolyn, Cromwell, SN14176
You are wonderful guys, I don't know how you do it - amazing.
Trudy, Hamilton, SN18797
You guys are always so helpful there - you never lose your rag which I really appreciate.
Helen , Auckland, SN10603
Thank you for a great product for small businesses. We haven't needed to use your support much over the years but it is good peace of mind anyway.
Alan, Auckland, SN13076
Thanks for your wonderful product. I have really enjoyed using it.
Duane, Napier, SN20047
It is a really neat program, I was using another payroll system and this one is so much better.
Di, Ashburton, SN20426
Absolutely awesome payroll, it really is just nice and simple to use.
Jan, Tauranga, SN19401
Your system is so clever, it's just wonderful.
Astrid, Auckland, SN19272
I love this program, it is just so easy to use.
Peter, Christchurch, SN19189
It's wonderful software and I recommend it to anyone I can.
Nicola, Auckland, SN4516
It's a nice easy system to use, easy to follow, guides you through everything you are doing.
Frankie, Waitara, SN13653
Thank you very much, you are always so helpful there when we ring.
Jo, Auckland, SN20102
What an amazing system!
Jane, Wellington, SN20145
I could not believe how easy it was to set up the Email Payslips routine in your payroll - I thought I would have to get an IT person in to assist me because in another program I use it was very complicated to set up this option. I decided to give it a go myself and was amazed at how quick and easy it was. Please pass on my congratulations to your programmer
Garth, Auckland, SN9982
It's such an easy system and you guys are very nice to talk to about things like this.
Jude, Auckland, SN4541
Whenever we call you are always awesome, you're good value. I used to worry when I called, I didn't want you to think I was asking silly questions, but you've always made me feel better, I feel really good when I call you now.
Robyn, Waiheke Island, SN12125
You guys are doing a really great job.
Marshall, Whangarei, SN5843
We are really happy with Ace, it's very user friendly and easy to learn. I hadn't done payroll in a few months but it was so easy to pick up again.
Chris, Christchurch, SN13410
Your payroll is just wonderful - it is so easy to use and it has made my job so easy. I can tell you I will definitely be telling any future employers of mine to change to Ace Payroll.
Trish, Te Kuiti, SN10996
You guys are always such great help when I call.
Colin , Taumarunui, SN12077
Ace Payroll makes life so much easier for me.
Jenny , Taranaki, SN19957
I love this system, it is really good, bloody wonderful.
Stephanie , Porirua, SN20056
It's fantastic, absolutely fantastic, it's saving me so much time.
Jan , Hamilton, SN4793
It's really good, it's the most brilliant payroll ever!
Susanne , Southland, SN19634
It's a very good pay system, it's excellent. It is so easy it comes up with warnings and help screens and prompts you to think about what you are doing. It's just brilliant.
Dayle , Auckland, SN20402
Ace Payroll is just so helpful. So quick and easy, it used to take me half an hour to do the wages and now I swear it only takes a minute. It's such a time saver!
Ruth, Whakatane, SN20064
Your payroll is just wonderful - I am really enjoying using it.
Maureen, Auckland, SN17983
I must say, I really appreciate getting such instant responses from you - thank you!
Lance, Rotorua, SN20030
My head office administrator suggested getting it, boy I'm glad I have. This is great.
Sunny , Auckland, SN20133
It's just so user friendly and you're so helpful!
Sarah, Auckland, SN20053
Hi guys, thank you for the support again with the new payroll (although it is probably the 5th Ace Payroll I've had!). Loaded 7 months of payroll on in 4 days and i'm up and running - a new record!
Nancy, Auckland, SN19742
Your payroll is absolutely wonderful - it is so easy to use and I love it.
Karen, Wellington, SN19355
It is such an easy piece of software to use and I have recommended it to several people already. I tried Comacc, Ace and MYOB Payroll and I think Ace is the most user friendly - well done!
Bryan, Auckland, SN8542
It's a great program and over the years I've been very happy with it.
Hugh, Auckland, SN16601
I wouldn't recommend any other payroll to anyone because of your service.
Lynda, Wellington, SN19116
It's a great system, it's fantastic, I love it!
Chris, Kapiti Coast, SN18846
We very much like the software and we always recommend it.
Sue, Whangarei, SN16281
Could you please note somewhere that your service is incredible. I use Ace Payroll and my husband uses another payroll and we can't believe the difference. Thanks for the information, I'm sure he's going to take the plunge and switch. Honestly, you guys are the best supplier we deal with.
Janet, Auckland, SN13368
I must say your payroll system is so easy to use, I enjoy using it.
Louise, Auckland, SN9882
Your software is by far the best I use. It is so easy and completely logical. I love it.
Susan , Auckland, SN16134
I love Ace Payroll more than I love my boyfriend and I'm going to tell everyone how great it is!
Jill , New Plymouth, SN10017
It's a brilliant system and I love it, I don't need a support contract because it's just so easy! If anyone asks about payroll I put them on to you without hesitation.
Kerrie, Hastings, SN17938
I have just completed upgrading Ace Payroll and wish to thank your staff for the excellent Upgrade Installation Instructions and information. No problems and very clear. It is a pleasure to use your program and work with a professional company.
Shirley, Auckland, SN9225
The email payslips are as good as you said they'd be, very nicely presented. This routine will save time and effort and be a whole lot nicer for the end user. Thanks for all of the help.
Wendy, Nelson, SN19350
Your support has been great and I'm really impressed with all of you.
Karlene, Auckland, SN19230
Your program is just fantastic - I wish more software was like yours.
Graeme , Paraparaumu, SN7289
This is the easiest payroll I've ever seen. I really appreciate and enjoy it.
Jocelyn, Auckland, SN17454
Your payroll is absolutely brilliant.
Christine , Marlborough, SN5408
Keep up the good work with your wonderful, easy to use program. Appreciate the simple, clear upgrade routines you use, and the webpage with answers to most questions which could arise. Thank you!
Milada, Auckland, SN19853
I just love your payroll - it is so simple to use.
Paul, Auckland, SN11285
Ace Payroll is the best program I've ever worked with in my life.
Gavin, Auckland, SN11015
I'm just calling to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and to say you have an absolutely wonderful payroll - it just about does the pays for me, and if I ever have to call you are all so lovely.
Andrea, Blenheim, SN15552
Your payroll is absolutely marvellous - I could not believe how difficult some of the others were when I was evaluating systems!
Anne, Christchurch , SN16230
You people are so worth every penny we pay each year for support. You are just fantastic.
John , Hibiscus Coast, SN19160
You know you are the best company in the world, you always return my call and not to mention you are open over Christmas & New Years!
Ron, North Canterbury, SN17363
I'm a field officer for the IRD and I was recently dealing with an Ace Payroll client that had not been filing PAYE correctly. They were very confused about the requirements and becoming aggressive, so I downloaded your demo so I could get a feel for how your system worked. I was able to understand it straight away. I called your helpdesk twice and both times I got extremely helpful people who were happy to take the time to go through the issues. The client is now sorted out and very happy and so am I - please make sure you pass on my thanks to your staff.
Jude , Christchurch, SN12508
I constantly tell everyone how great Ace Payroll is.
Laurel, Tuakau, SN13824
You guys have an awesome program.
Gary, Auckland, SN8852
Thank you for another year of fault free no fuss no problems wages.
Rod, Mount Maunganui, SN12899
I like it, its nice, its simple and it does the trick for us.
John, Auckland, SN7058
I think you have a brilliant little program.
Nancy, Ruakaka, SN19085
I ordered the program on Friday it was there on Saturday for me to start on and I am really impressed!
Michelle, Auckland, SN10490
I have to say that every time I ring your office you guys are just brilliant - not like when you phone other organisations and you actually wonder if they can understand English. You are just fantastic and I thank you.
Anne , Christchurch , SN16230
Thank God for Ace Payroll, thank you so much.
Murray, Wellington, SN11322
I was chucked into this job at the deep end and you guys there have been nothing but wonderful. Every one of you has been absolutely fantastic and I really appreciate the fact that whenever I phone it doesn't matter who I talk to, you all extend me the same wonderful service.
Christine, Havelock North, SN16029
We cannot fault your service in any way. Ace Payroll is absolutely brilliant and the follow up support unbelievably fantastic.
Denise , Christchurch, SN13429
Ace Payroll is wonderful, I take it home at night and it does my dishes for me!
Andrina, South Dunedin, SN12760
I have been very impressed with Ace Payroll.
Lyn , Wellington, SN11231
You guys are fantastic!
Lesley , Wellington South, SN15078
I really like this Ace Payroll, it's really easy to use and nothing is complicated.
Michelle, Palmerston North, SN16564
You guys are bloody brilliant down there!
Brian, New Plymouth, SN8428
You literally have the best product in the world - it's taken my wages from dark age to great. It's simple, intuitive and by far the best payroll on the market.
Beverley, Auckland, SN18988
Your payroll is a very simple and well designed system - I just love it and I am telling everyone about it because when you find something that is really good you want everyone to know about it. I am telling anyone I know who needs a payroll to buy it and if they are using something else I am telling them to get rid of it and buy Ace Payroll.
Denise, Blenheim, SN8367
I must say, your package is brilliant.
Ian, Nelson, SN1126
You have the best software package I have ever seen or used and your support team is the best I have ever had to deal with, barring none. It does not matter to me what other software packages suggest they can offer, because none of them can come near the exceptional support you offer after the sale of the software and this is what counts.
Carolyn, Cromwell, SN14176
I don't know how you guys do it, you're marvellous!
Belinda, Auckland, SN17156
Many thanks for all of your support over the past 15 months - as a second time customer of Ace Payroll it has been a pleasure doing business with you again. You have a superb product, made even better by the excellent support service you offer - second to none!
Jude, Levin, SN4541
We recieved a penalty from IRD for late payment of Child Support because we reported to IRD that the payments were starting earlier than they actually did. When we rang and spoke to Ace Payroll, you advised that we write a letter to the IRD to explain the situation. Today we recieved a letter from IRD to say they have wiped the penalty tax. Thanks Ace Payroll, you are just great!
Roger, Hawera, SN13208
I love this payroll, I would never use anything else.
Linda, Christchurch, SN15788
Your payroll system is lovely, I recommend it to all my friends.
Lelia , Hokitika, SN6286
You know, your payroll is just amazing, I am a real advocate for you. Whenever I need help, you are there. You guys are just wonderful.
Kim, Hastings, SN9773
I have just taken over doing the payroll - I am still learning but am finding it so easy to navigate around. It was so easy to follow your instructions. Your payroll is wonderful, and so are you. Thank you.
Vince, Westport, SN18696
I love the program its so easy to use.
Lynda, Queenstown, SN12734
In the entire time I've run my business, Ace Payroll is the best investment I've ever made. It sounds corny, but it has literally changed my life. Wages used to be such a drag and now they're a joke.
Liz, Christchurch 3, SN17636
This is such a wonderfully easy system!
John, Auckland, SN7394
You guys are tremendous.
Alan, Wellington, SN0
I have read your reply to my email and can only express my astonishment at the effort put into this reply even though you must have known when answering my first question that because you don't have a program compatible with the Solomon Islands, it was going to be a non starter. I can only say that if I am offered the chance of a contract in New Zealand, I would jump at the chance of working with a company whose employees take this much care and effort with their customer service. You are amazing.
Anne , Christchurch , SN16230
I know I say this everytime I ring but I am just so amazed at what you do, I'm really impressed.
Dawn, Auckland, SN18131
In case you don't hear it often enough, I wanted to send an email to say "Nice job guys". Every person I have ever had the opportunity to speak to at Ace Payroll has been excellent and I think all companies that provide a service above expectation should be congratulated. Let the bosses know!
Lyn, Nelson, SN13751
I absolutely love working with this payroll, it's fantastic!
Preston , Auckland, SN17695
Long live Ace Payroll!
Stephanie, Porirua, SN5972
Thank you so much for all your help changing all our employees to As per Act. You are a star.
Jenny, Havelock North, SN8081
You guys are really great you know.
Mandy, Auckland, SN12690
I just love this program.
Phil , Opunake, SN12441
Your system is magnificent, I wish all software was made this simple.
Nicola, Auckland 1006, SN18045
Ace Payroll is a great system - after taking over our office completely myself and only ever doing wages manually over 20 years ago it is marvellous to do it all in approximately 5 minutes!
Henry, Whakatane, SN15237
It's one of the best payrolls I have ever handled, I find it very easy to use. It gives me all the reporting I wanted and I will certainly recommend it.
Erina, Waiheke Island, SN10886
That was so easy, I love Ace Payroll!
Michael, Auckland, SN11179
It's a very simple system to use.
Gabrielle, Wellington, SN4283
It's a fantastic program and even our finance manager says that.
Marie , Hastings, SN4826
Ace is brilliant to use. Very user friendly and anytime I needed support you guys were great.
Greg, Mount Ruapehu, SN4820
I cannot believe it - you called back so fast it was a shock - and not only that you are a real person - not a machine. What a recommendation that is for you.
Andrea , Auckland, SN18555
I downloaded the trial from the internet. Very convienient, other systems required sending an email request and waiting for a CD to be posted. Thank you.
Anne, Wainuiomata, SN18571
I use it at my other work place and I find it easy to use, its a great program.
Dario, Auckland, SN16717
I love this system, its just too easy. Oh my god, I honestly can't believe how easy my payroll has become. With my old system, what we just did would have taken hours, not minutes.
Christina , Auckland, SN17789
I just think this payroll is the bomb! I love it so much
Anne, Leeston, SN18324
The payroll is just absolutely wonderful - even my husband who was not particularly interested in going with it, is now very impressed.
Susan, Auckland, SN16774
This is a wonderful program. I absolutely love it. It is so easy to use and every time I phone I learn how many other amazing features it has.
Jackie, Auckland, SN16678
Your system is really magnificent.
Bruce, Wanganui, SN17177
My pays have never been so easy since I bought this - awesome!
Beth , Auckland, SN14085
Your program is so stable and easy to use. I'm increasingly unimpressed by bells and whistles software, it seems no one cares about good design or stability any more. You guys are fantastic!
Dave, Foxton , SN18175
What a wonderful program. My son hardly knows how to use a computer but he has managed to navigate around the program and set it up and is finding it really easy to use.
Karen, Fielding, SN15066
I left a message but your program is so great I worked it out before you called me back!
Anne , Auckland, SN16230
I have to tell you that you people are worth every cent to have at the end of the phone. You just take me by the hand and lead me through. You are so wonderful, thank you.
Dennis , Auckland, SN4339
It is the best program I have ever worked on.
Alwyn, Auckland, SN16880
Your payroll is the most efficient piece of software I have ever used and I have used a lot of software. It is absolutely logical and so easy to follow and the reporting is excellent. I cannot imagine anyone finding it difficult to use.
Donna, Christchurch, SN10953
Ace Payroll is just the most simple and uncomplicated system I have ever used.
Omid, Auckland, SN13793
Every day I'm more in love with your program, thank you.
Nicola, Auckland, SN18045
It's a great program, you dont even have to know how to use a computer.
Denise, Hokitika, SN12522
Thank you for all the time and effort you put into solving our problem. We have appreciated it and certainly will recommend Ace Payroll to one and all.
Linda , Auckland, SN18296
I am so glad I purchased this, it is wonderful and its just made my day.
Maureen, Auckland, SN14382
I have been doing wages since DataBank days and I can tell you your program is absolutely brilliant, the most straight forward and easiest payroll I have ever used.
Lester, Katikati, SN12669
Your program is absolutely fantastic, I have recommended it to so many people. I just don't know how I would survive without it now.
Sue, Cambridge, SN17492
It's such a good payroll. It's just so easy to use it, just love it.
Page, Auckland, SN13824
Gosh, its always so easy when we ring you guys!
Colin, Tauranga, SN18309
You're a hero. Your agent in Tauranga said your support was excellent and it is.
David, Dargaville, SN17107
I love the package, very user friendly and so self explanatory.
Preston, Auckland, SN17695
You guys are so helpful there.
Anne, Christchurch , SN16230
I think this is an amazing program - I am absolutely gobsmacked.
Leigh, Auckland, SN7013
Thank you to the team for their wonderful help, you are absolutely fantastic.
Garth, Timaru, SN9982
I cannot believe it - what you just did was amazing - what an amazing program.
Max, Napier, SN17773
I want to discuss the problems I am having with your payroll in chronological order - THERE ARE NONE !! Your program is fantastic, your support is flawless - I cannot believe how easy it has been for me to set the payroll up and get myself up and running. Christmas was a breeze. Thank you all very much.
Keith, Christchurch, SN16484
You guys are geniuses up there aren't you!
John, Blenheim, SN8433
Shivers, your system is so good - it is just marvellous.
Lois , Auckland, SN11234
Thank you for your excellent service and program.
Ian , Auckland, SN16254
You guys are so helpful, you're the best helpdesk I've ever called, and I've called a few!
Bruce, Auckland, SN12575
It is a fantastic system with fantastic support.
Jan, Katikati, SN10957
May I compliment you on your website, i've never been there before today and its excellent.
Lynne, Auckland, SN4755
This new version is so good with the calendar. It is really neat.
Barbara, Auckland, SN17706
You guys are absolutely brilliant, thank you so much for all your help.
Sarah, Wellington, SN7359
This is the best $250 I have ever spent, I tell absolutely everybody how fantastic it is.
Kelvin, Christchurch 5, SN14877
I can't believe I got you on a public holiday. I'm just about to renew my support contract, and it's the best money I ever spend.
Karen , Havelock North, SN16203
Thank you for your patience and promptness today. You guys must have been totally swamped with it being the first working day after Christmas. I really appreciate being able to get through and get help. Keep up the good work.
Annette, Auckland, SN16250
It's a great program, I really love it! It's also really good to always get through first time when I call.
Tony, Christchurch, SN5363
Thanks for your reply - that has to be the quickest reply I've ever had to an email!
Colin, Taumarunui, SN12077
This thing just keeps on surprising me, I love it! I'm always telling people to get into this, even if they're just paying themselves, get into it.
Lelia, Hokitika, SN6286
I find you guys just so easy to deal with.
Barbara, Taihape, SN17105
You guys are angels, thank you so much!
John, Auckland, SN12039
You have one of the best payrolls I have ever used, and your support is excellent.
Rob, Lower Hutt, SN10927
You have a great program and great support.
Hiran, Auckland, SN14543
You guys are great - I've never rung and come away unclear about what I'm doing.
Kathy, Auckland, SN4414
It's a great payroll system - especially your latest upgrade with all the holiday pay changes.
Kerry , Whangarei, SN17077
I'm really enjoying using this. It's just so easy.
Colin, Taumarunui, SN12077
It's certainly brilliant - I tell everybody about it. Awesome support, you guys do a great job and it is most appreciated.
Tony, Mt Maunganui, SN13599
This is a really lovely program, so easy to follow - it is all so logical.
Karen, Waikanae, SN15343
We've gone from paying 6 to 68 people in no time and I'd be totally lost without your system. It's so easy to use and I've never had a problem.
Betty, Nelson, SN16103
It's a wonderful system, so easy to use.
Henry, Bay Of Islands, SN14431
Your payroll has to be one of the best pieces of software ever invented.
Terry, Tauranga, SN10584
I do love Ace Payroll, it's a beauty!
John, Petone, SN7231
You guys are wonderful to ring. Everytime I ring you I get pleasant, happy people and fast service!
John, Winton, SN7912
This system never ceases to amaze me, the only thing you can do to get it wrong is not being able to read.
Sue, Auckland, SN13959
I am thrilled with your payroll - it has just cut my time down by so much I wonder how I had the time before. It is absolutely wonderful.
Margaret, Blenheim, SN10857
Your payroll is wonderful.
Ian, Auckland, SN10646
You have a very good system.
Marilyn, Christchurch , SN17507
I'm recommending the payroll everywhere I go. It is brilliant!
Mitch, Rotorua, SN17008
Absolutely fantastic payroll - I am saving an unbelievable amount of time.
Bridget, Warkworth, SN13097
It is such a good system - it is just great.
Mary-Claire, Oamaru, SN17616
Thank you for your very prompt reply - on a Saturday! The testimonials were right!
Leanne, New Plymouth, SN15838
It's a great little program and I always get great support.
Keith, Auckland, SN12190
I remember a time when holidays and leave were the weak points of your program. With your new version, they are clearly a strength now. Congratulations on all of the work you've clearly put it - it is much appreciated.
Lynne, Christchurch, SN13199
I have to agree with your other customers - Ace Payroll is a breeze to use and has always been accurate. Monthly PAYE could not be easier. I have done and will continue to recommend Ace Payroll as a worthwhile system for all your payroll needs. Your staff are friendly and very helpful at the helpdesk. Good on you, keep up the good work.
Celia, Christchurch, SN12152
All the new changes in your payroll are absolutely fantastic.
Elaine, Kaikohe, SN5807
I have been absolutely thrilled with your payroll, it is simple to use, easy to read, and it is totally accurate.
Mary, Kerikeri, SN11800
You have the most wonderful program, it is absolutely fantastic and so is your support. I really don't know what I would have done without it. Wages has become the easiest and fastest function in my busy week, my monthly returns are an absolute breeze and I know it is always right. I have recommended Ace to many people telling them it is the only payroll system worth having.
Yvonne, Waipukurau, SN15716
Your new version is just fantastic - it is a credit to you.
John, Masterton, SN8823
I have just received your new version and it is just magic !
Carol, Thames, SN10883
You're all so patient down there - thank you for all your help.
Jocelyn, Martinborough, SN17454
I think your payroll is absolutely amazing
Leslie, Martinborough, SN7398
Your new version is absolutely wonderful, so easy to use with lots of extra features which I love.
Cher, Wellington, SN6359
I just love your new upgrade, it makes everything so clear and fun to work with - thank you.
Ann, Rangiora, SN15663
I've worked in the IT industry for many years and have always found upgrades to be a nightmare. Yours, however, always seem to go smoothly so thank you. Your new version is brilliant by the way.
Tony, Auckland, SN12894
I love the program, it's well designed and well thought out.
Pauline, Auckland, SN10517
It's a great little program, I absolutely love it!
Rob, Lower Hutt, SN10927
Thank you for your extremely helpful website. I found the case law very helpful in determining a particular course of action. Your payroll software has made my life easier for the past few years too!
Bev, Mt Maunganui, SN17282
It's very easy to use once you get into it - I did my first pay last week and it was a breeze!
Brenda , Hamilton, SN6675
Many thanks for getting my client up and running on Ace Payroll recently - she agrees you are wonderful!
Emile, Taupo, SN15217
I just want to say, you guys saved my life earlier today. I thought I'd lost all my data, but your lady was wonderful. So patient and onto it, and it was all fixed within minutes. Thanks a million!
Andrea, Hastings, SN5527
Congratulations, you have an excellent piece of software. I am so impressed with your new leave routines - it is a credit to all of you.
Tom, Wellington, SN13757
My accountant and I am so impressed with your service - every time we call we get someone who knows everything!
Sheree, Hamilton, SN9811
This is the best payroll I've ever seen - I wouldn't consider using anything else.
Hayley, Wanaka, SN11001
I love the payroll, I learn something new every week. It is fantastic!
Charlie, Warkworth, SN14209
You have an absolutely marvellous program.
Susan, Auckland, SN16774
I am not very computer savvy and I cannot believe how easy it is to use your program. It is absolutely fantastic.
Francois, Auckland, SN9341
I must say, your help desk is just amazing, it's brilliant.
Andy, Hamilton, SN17041
I cannot believe how easy your program is to use.
Zena, New Plymouth, SN6833
Your support is absolutely wonderful. Thank you.
Gavin, Auckland, SN11015
You run a very good help desk - it is a wonderful program because I know the information in it is accurate.
Brian, Christchurch, SN17229
As far as we are concerned Ace Payroll is the only payroll system to use in this country. It is absolutely superb.
Mike, Auckland, SN16666
I love the program, it's just so easy to use.
Phil, Opunake, SN12441
This is the best program I have ever worked with and I have used many different peices of software over the years.
Michelle, Christchurch, SN11996
We are moving all our clients onto Ace Payroll because it's such a great system.
John, Auckland, SN15262
I am very impressed with your payroll and the support has been excellent. I don't know why I didn't start using your payroll years ago. Everything is solved easily and quickly.
Marie, Christchurch, SN15765
Thank you so much, your company is so helpful.
Juricz, New Plymouth, SN15426
I must tell you it is great service and it really does make a difference.
Fiona , South Dunedin, SN16575
This is a great time saver!
Kim, Lower Hutt, SN12315
Your system is just too easy! You have all the reports and forms and everything for tracking holidays etc - thank you.
Annette, Waihola, SN16250
I'm really enjoying the ease of the program - it's a cracker.
Julie, Taupo, SN15814
The system is so good you learn something new about it everyday.
Leslie, Palmerston North, SN9747
You have a fantastic system.
Elaine, Christchurch, SN16744
We find it wonderful to use, so we use it as much as we can.
Sue, Wellington, SN7359
May I just say that Ace Payroll is the best piece of software I've ever seen - I can't say enough good things about it to other people and recommend it to all my friends.
Cathy, Auckland, SN16767
You know what, you guys are bloody awesome. For a novice like me when I ring up you help me and you always return my calls quickly. You really appreciate your customers, it's great.
Gabrielle, Wellington, SN4283
This is a fantastic payroll system.
Kathryn, Paihia, SN14435
Brilliant, a fantastic system!
Ray, Mosgiel, SN9471
You have a great system here, it really allows flexibility and makes things very easy.
Kay, Tauranga, SN14265
You've made my day with your great help, thank you for being at the other end of the phone.
Barry, Christchurch, SN4509
Thank you for all your help. It's a brilliant payroll.
Trudy, Roxburgh, SN9260
Oh wow, what an amazing system - thank you.
Jim, Auckland, SN15267
You have a wonderful package.
Debbie, Waiuku, SN16514
Your system is exactly as you said it would be - it is very user friendly.
Angela, Havelock North, SN16096
I just love your product - it is so easy to use
Greg, Invercargill, SN16648
I really like your payroll, it is very easy to use.
Stuart, Whitianga, SN16415
You have a great program, it is very easy to follow and I am really enjoying using it.
Lynn, Leeston, SN15961
What a wonderful program it is, marvellous.
Cathy, Tauranga, SN14771
Thank you for such a neat payroll system!
Steve, Christchurch, SN14107
For what it's worth, I find Ace Payroll a very good, flexible program to use. I've used it in several situations over the years and have found the support to be great also.
Christine, Lower Hutt, SN10746
Ace Payroll is the only program we use that actually does what it says it does.
Rose, Martinborough, SN7414
It's a bloody clever system I have to tell you.
Geoff , Auckland, SN16526
Thanks for that - I knew you'd sent me the whole program, but my IT person couldn't believe it could all fit on a single disk! By the way, I love Ace Payroll - I tell everyone about it, I've used it in multiple businesses for a decade and it's just wonderful.
Maybelle, Wellington, SN13890
It's a great service, we really appreciate you guys.
Elsa, Wellington, SN16594
Your help desk is really good!
Lynda, Auckland, SN16545
Excellent customer service, well done!
Jan, Nelson, SN6029
Ace Payroll is wonderful, I love it.
Rose, Wellington, SN4298
It's such a great system.
Judy , Blenheim, SN10319
We have sold our business and are leaving the country. We no longer require your wonderful program. Do you perhaps do an Australian version? I'm sure there will be another business in our future and it will be difficult to supercede Ace Payroll.
Pamela, Auckland, SN6690
I have to say again, it is a great payroll program.
Robyn, Auckland, SN8912
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. We have never had any problems.
Evan, Napier, SN12276
It's a bloody good computer system you've got there ain't it.
Mike, Auckland, SN15738
I just wanted to call and thank you for the clear instructions on installing your latest upgrade, I've never installed an upgrade before and everything went well.
Kerry, Queenstown, SN15226
Your program is so easy to use.
Brett , Rotorua, SN13016
We recently moved office systems into new premises, and with this shift we introduced new computers etc. In the software changeover we of course required Ace to be installed onto our new drives. We required phone assistance and I personally spoke to Lorraine. Within a few minutes we appeared to be up and running again. During the whole process I could not thank her enough, she just made the headache process disappear and we are very grateful that you have staff of this calibre working for you and your team. Please thank her personally, I intend to catch up with her personally at some stage with some other goodies when I am in the area.
Judy, Auckland, SN9996
Your system is absolutely fantastic, I recommended it to two friends as well, and they both say it's the best computer program they've ever used. Thank you!
Francois, Auckland, SN9341
Working with your payroll is a breeze, and I must say your service is fantastic also.
Bruce, Whangarei, SN8279
I knew there would be an easy answer, that's why I like this system. Thanks heaps.
Julie, Auckland, SN12837
Ace Payroll is totally brilliant.
Margaret, Blenheim, SN5400
It's a great payroll, I've told everyone about it. We keep getting faxes from another payroll company and they go straight in the bin. I wouldn't dream of changing.
Ruth , Christchurch, SN10555
We have thoroughly enjoyed using the package and would recommend and use it again if and when the need arises.
Debbie, Napier, SN5780
I must say that your website is incredible - I use it all the time.
Lynda , Queenstown, SN12734
This is an awesome system, I rave about it to everyone.
Tania, Auckland, SN16401
I'm really impressed with the system. I use it at another company too and it's brilliant.
Nicola, Auckland, SN11806
I am very new at using a payroll, and I have to say you have a fantastic wage system. Thank you for your help.
Tony, Kurow, SN15752
I never cease to be amazed at how wonderful this program is.
Simon , Auckland, SN16285
This is so bloody easy to use. I've been doing wages manually for years, and I can't believe how easy Ace Payroll is. I told a friend of mine that the wages were taking over an hour - he laughed, recommended your system and it's now down to a few minutes like he said it would be. Absolutely brilliant!
Sharalyn, Hamilton, SN16338
Marvellous program it is, I'm very pleased with it.
Paul , Wellington, SN11428
I thought I'd like to give you some feedback. I have just been on the phone to fix an error I made with a client's payroll. Yet again your helpdesk was absolutely awesome. The people you have on your helpline are always extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgable.
Jane , Auckland, SN5000
I just want to say you have a wonderful program - the easiest I've ever used.
Brandy, Auckland, SN9219
I'd like to give you a pat on the back - the payroll has been brilliant and I've recommended it to several people.
Lyndia , Palmerston North, SN15506
I love the program, I tell everyone I can about it!
Julie , Christchurch, SN16198
We are thrilled with the product.
Mike, Palmerston North, SN7916
It's such a straight forward system.
John, Auckland, SN8825
What I really like about you guys is the instructions you send with your upgrades. They are very easy to understand and especially for someone like me who is only just computer literate.
Carol, Kaikoura, SN8665
This system is amazing!
Margaret, Havelock North, SN13634
This is just so good. The payoll is fantastic.
Trevor, Auckland, SN7834
This is a nice solid piece of software and we have never had any trouble with it although you hear of people having all sorts of problems with other payroll systems.
Simon, Auckland, SN16285
You've got a nice team there, everytime I ring you've all been really helpful.
Kathy, Auckland, SN15749
I would just like to say that the program is very user friendly and a pleasure to use and I would recommend it to other people.
Mark, Palmerston North, SN5968
Ace Payroll is the most user friendly payroll I have ever seen. I have seen my friends use other payroll systems and it is painful to watch - if they make an error, it is impossible to fix.
Allan, Palmerston North, SN9044
Your program is absolutely marvellous. It is so easy to use and you guys are really helpful.
Neil, Wellington, SN13441
It is so easy when you know what to do. A very simple, wonderful program.
Penny, Wellington, SN15109
What a fabulous system this is.
Colleen, Whangarei, SN6191
I have recommended your payroll to another company - your payroll is so easy to use and you guys really know what you are doing.
Brent, Murchison, SN14908
Everything's easy with Ace Payroll, whatever I try to do I seem to be able to.
Adrienne, Auckland, SN12391
What a wonderful program you have. I really enjoy it.
Carole , Nelson, SN15932
Thank you for the great software, it certainly makes life easier!
Debbie, Christchurch, SN5704
We are selling one of our businesses and have told the incoming owners to buy Ace Payroll because your payroll is just awesome. I have over 20 employees on my payroll and it takes me 15 minutes tops to run my payroll each week from start to finish.
John, Auckland, SN15262
I am very impressed with your program and your service. I couldn't believe it when I phoned very late one night just prior to Christmas and someone was there to assist me.
Mike, Fox Glacier, SN6253
We appreciate the excellent support that your staff give us.
John, Wellington, SN15290
It is by far the best system in New Zealand, easily. It's absolute simplicity. My accountants use it and they recommend it to their clients, and they're a big firm, so what does that tell you?
Keryn, Tauranga, SN5642
It's a very clever system!
Tara, Dunedin, SN8905
Ace Payroll really has been fantastic for us - I would recommend it to anyone.
Glen, Auckland, SN9344
I really enjoy using this system, it's very user friendly.
Julie, Christchurch, SN15526
Your program is so easy my four and a half year old daughter can use it!. She is really smart, so I get her to type in all the hours and things while I stand behind her. The only thing I won't let her do is the commissions and filing the pays, but she can work right through the pays. It really is that easy to use!
Faye, Blenheim, SN15587
Thanks for your help, it's a brilliant system.
Marilyn, Levin, SN10672
There is no doubt about it, you're worth the money!
Simon, Rangiora, SN13344
It's a darn good system, we find it so easy to use.
Angela, Havelock, SN16096
I love this product, it's so easy to use.
Jocelyn, Tauranga, SN8685
It is a pleasure doing business where your company is concerned.
Laurie, Cambridge, SN10998
I tell you what, Ace Payroll's the best!
Micheal, Auckland, SN11179
This is a great system, whatever you want to do can be done.
Tammy, Australia, SN16141
Thanks Phil! I certainly wasn't expecting you to be at work at this time of day!
Alan , Auckland, SN9825
Thanks for your help - it is such easy software, I never even knew of all these features hidden in the background. It is so much easier and more intuitive than the other programs I use.
Paula , Te Awamutu, SN16151
It's such an easy system to use
Pam , Auckland, SN13142
This is the best system I've ever used!
Nev , Hamilton, SN15692
It's a brilliant program - absolutely superb.
Judy, Wanganui, SN9040
What a wonderful system!
Lynn, Arrowtown, SN4586
I've been using the program for years, and I've never had a problem with it.
Phil , Christchurch, SN13419
Ace Payroll has proven to be a very friendly service and one I would happily recommend to any business.
Robyn , Auckland, SN12125
Thank you, it really is a clever system.
Gaye , Cromwell, SN16105
Everyone said your program was great, and so far it's everything they said. It's so easy to use and when I call you, I know you'll have an answer to my question.
Alan, Auckland, SN9784
It's all very easy when you know how! - thank you once again for your excellent service.
Sharon, Auckland, SN16146
I started using the demo about 5 weeks ago, and i thought to myself "this is really easy", please send one out to me.
Bruce, Upper Hutt, SN14537
It is such a wonderful system, I just knew there had to be a way. Thanks heaps.
Lisa , Whitianga, SN16061
It is such a great program, so easy to use, there is just no way I'm going back to doing it manually.
Nicky, Taranaki, SN16005
What a good little system, it's great! Thank you heaps for your help.
Nigel , Auckland, SN4248
Thank you very much for the excellent service.
Margaret, Palmerston North, SN5152
Whoever designed this program needs a medal.
George, Napier, SN16049
I deal with hundreds of companies internationally and nationally - you are the most exceptional company I have ever dealt with. The service I have received from your company has been an absolute delight. I phoned at 6.30pm, I got a response, you accommodated every option I wanted that evening and offered to assist if I wanted anymore. You contacted me the next day, again you accommodated a further request without hesitation. Not only has your service been exceptional but the way you have all dealt with me has been outstanding. I congratulate you. I will be highly recommending you to everyone, just like your payroll and the service you give was recommended to me.
Neil, Hamilton, SN10270
This cheque represents the best value for money I get - smoko is on me. (received with cheque paying for renewal of a support contract - a $20 note was enclosed!)
Wayne, Queenstown, SN14734
Thank you for all your fantastic help.
Shirley, Auckland, SN5456
It's really, really user friendly.
Larry, Renwick, SN14590
It's a bloody great service, absolutely top. There isnt a single person I haven't told about it. It's everything I was told it would be.
Rio, Paihia, SN14434
Absolutely brilliant payroll, had never done wages before and could not believe how easy it was to use. Whenever I need help, your patience and service is fantastic. Thank you.
Christine, Havelock North, SN16029
The payroll is awesome - I cannot believe how simple it has been to get myself up and running.
Raewyn, Whangarei, SN15992
I love the program and love the fact that you can add on more employees after purchase with no add on fees.
Cathy, Tauranga, SN14771
It's such a cool system, I was put onto it by good friends of mine, and it's as good as they said it was.
Margaret, Levin, SN12689
You've got a wonderful little program, I really enjoy using it.
Kathy, Auckland, SN15703
Whoever designed this program, they need congratulating.
Hayley, Wanaka, SN11001
This is such a good system - absolutely fabulous when you get into the habit of using it. Thank you so much for your help.
Liz, Taihape, SN13659
Thank you so much. Your system takes all the headaches away which is what computers were meant to do in the first place!
Therea , Wanaka, SN15351
I am very happy with the program - cheers!
Nev, Hamilton, SN15692
Its a very nice system, brilliant infact.
Pip, Warkworth, SN15677
Thanks for getting back to me so quick, you are really quick. Your service is so good.
Tony , Auckland, SN10910
Your company really does provide a good service - I'm so impressed by it and I'll definitely go through the website when I have some time.
Ray, Mosgiel, SN9471
Can I just say you have a wonderful system, you obviously think ahead about what people need and it is great! I really appreciate it, even your helpdesk is terrific.
Lynn, Wellington, SN11332
You guys are wonderful support.
Andrew , Taranaki, SN11523
It's a great system, I just bought this business and had never done payroll before and thought it would be a nightmare. I was up and running in half an hour, paid my staff and it all worked first time.
Graham, Gisborne, SN8106
You have such a good program - I tell all my friends about it. I don't see how you can make money with just one program - we seem to pay you virtually nothing for such a good service!
Deb , Waiuku, SN11143
It's a wonderful system, handy and cheap, and they're the two things that really matter!
Elaine , Hamilton, SN12149
You really do have a great package.
Ruth, Wellington, SN15374
I've used a lot of payroll packages but I absolutely love yours.
Katarina , Raglan, SN12838
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Ace Payroll for the excellent support that we have had from you over the last three years. We have found both the software package that you have developed and the service that you provide to be very accessible and useable. We are a much more capable organisation for having had both of these tools available for us to use.
Linda, Auckland, SN12554
Thank you for your quick response, your service is excellent.
Nicki, Hamilton , SN11791
You've made my life so easy - thank you so much!
Gill, Auckland, SN15883
I was given the option of any payroll I wanted, and I prefer Ace Payroll, so can you please send me out another one of your programs.
Tracey, Auckland, SN13590
The system is just awesome, I'm really rapt with Ace Payroll! I've recommended it to heaps of people.
Kathleen, Upper Hutt, SN15880
I must say that the manual is brilliant and I havent had any problems using the program.
Maree , Auckland, SN15024
This is such a good system - every time I have to ask you guys a question, I'm impressed with the answer.
Jose, Wellington, SN15861
I have been using your demonstration package for the last 8 weeks and would now like to purchase one. I have found it easy to use and each time I have rung, everyone has been extremely helpful and patient. Could you please send one to me today.
Maree, Tuakau, SN15819
It's the easiest program I've ever, ever used - the only bad thing about moving to Australia is I won't get to use it any more!
Sally, Hamilton, SN5138
You are wonderful - thank you very, very much for all of your assistance.
Graeme, Wellington, SN9018
Thanks for your assistance today. We have all learnt how easy it is to be totally confused when staff and process changes arise!
Louise, Auckland, SN10651
I spent an hour on the ir-file helpdesk and couldn't get it to work - thank you so much for jumping in to help.
Sandra, Whangarei, SN13709
You guys are awesome!
Wayne, Masterton, SN7807
Please change me from Contract to Casual support - I'm still using Ace Payroll and very happy with it, but I never have to call you for support!
Bernadette, Christchurch, SN15714
Thank you for such prompt delivery.
Colin, Hastings, SN11817
We have valued our association with you and found you most helpful whenever required, being efficient and obliging.
Chris, Wellington, SN8752
Thank you for all your support - you have a great system. We would be happy to be a referee for your company at any time.
Chris, Auckland, SN15641
It is a pleasure using your program.
Sue, Auckland, SN7201
It's so easy to do my payroll, there has to be a catch!
Larry, Renwick, SN14590
What a wonderful system this is, by far the best I've seen.
Catherine, Auckland, SN14177
I am enjoying working your program. My wages have never been so quick to do and as for PAYE forms, this is fabulous!
Lynne, Napier, SN10207
I think it is a great system and it saves hours and hours of work. Its just wonderful.
Janet, Auckland, SN10151
I really do think your program is wonderful. I've been using it since '98 and this is the first time I've had to ring you.
Peter, Christchurch, SN15346
I love your program - it's very good.
Michelle, Queenstown, SN15002
Fantastic system by the way - really enjoying it.
George, Lower Hutt, SN11335
Thank you - this call has just saved me a grand. As always, a pleasure doing business with you.
Sue, Australia, SN15324
Thanks for your prompt reply, I didn't expect to hear from you until tomorrow considering it is a public holiday over there. I'm impressed.
Bruce, Martinborough, SN7327
I've been using it seven years now, and I can't remember ever having a problem. It's simplicity - but also plenty of stuff as you need it.
Fiona, Upper Hutt, SN15487
I got the demo the other day, and it's just so easy to use! I've set all my employees up on the demo and it is all working. Please send me out one.
Keith, Christchurch, SN10925
Everythings working fine - it's a real good package.
Terry, Tauranga, SN10584
Thank you for all your help and patience. I used your program in my last business and I'm glad to be using it again, it's just so easy to use.
  • These testimonials were received by phone, mail and email.
  • Without exception, the testimonials are unsolicited.
  • They are word for word statements heard from clients most days.

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